Thursday, October 9, 2014

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue

We watched Disney's Planes,
And we loved it very much....

I'd been reminding my mummy,
To bring me to watch Fire & Rescue....
And my wish is granted!~
Our whole family went into cinema,
And to watch Dusty flying!~~~

Actually watched it some times ago..
But now only got time to really write about it..

It's truly sad to know that,
Dusty can't race anymore....
But God is really fair to everybody..
When He close a door,
He'll open up another window...

Dusty's getting himself trained,
As a certified fire fighter...
And he and his team are really truly Heroes!~

When others fly out,
Heroes fly in..
To put off the fire,
And to save the day!~


Rose world said...

I spotted this movie, but have not watch it yet.

It is nice bonding time when whole family go to cinema once a while.

Miera Nadhirah said...

great to bond with mummy... enjoy yourself sweety

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