Monday, December 21, 2015

The Parenthood @ Sunway Putra Mall

The Parenthood....
1st London Street Family Park in Malaysia...
Located at Sunway Putra Mall, Kuala Lumpur...
Opens it's door to the public,
On 5 December 2015...

Speech by Mr Leroy Lee,
CEO of The Parenthood...
The first-of-its-kind family park,
Offering parents and their children,
An avenue to learn, play and enrich,
Individually and together...
All Under One Roof!!!

You must be wondering....
Why London as theme of The Parenthood?
The main reason is:
London is always ahead and premium,
In parenting~~~~~

This indoor park,
Provides an interactive quality bonding
And progressive learning platform,
Between parents and babies,
Toddlers and kids under 12 years old..

A wide range of enrichment classes are available,
From academic to hobbies and sports~~~

The cute little 'guard'
At the entrance of:
My Kingdom -
A themed playground -
By The Parenthood!

Stepping into this friendly neighbourhood place,
It's no ordinary walk in a park...
Architectures greeting me:
Big Ben, The red London Bus,
British flags,
Red post boxes,
Quaint shops nestled..
Along yellow marked tar roads..
Against the backdrop of the English castle..
Indeed a refreshing reminisce of fabulous LONDON!~

My Kingdom is a place..
Where I Play & Learn....
Let's explore inside:
Offers treasure hunt games,
Flying fox,
Spider tower,
Transparent spiral slide,
Multiple slides,
Ball pit tunners,
And play bridges...

And lots of slides...
Which equal to fun..
And lots of fun!~

Mountain climbing for the little ones...
Challenging and adventurous!~

Lots and lots of balls...
Enough to put smiles,
On every kiddo's face!~

The source of all knowledge!~

A party room!~
Can organize any party here!~
Which can accommodate up to 40 children!

This is the best part about The Parenthood...

While the kids are playing...
The parents can shop!~
Offering wide selection of what a parent needs....
You named it,
They got it in The Parenthood!~

Mummy can even pamper themselves,
While her kids are having fun in My Kingdom!~
Various services like pedicure, manicure,
Massage, facial, hair cut etc.....
Are available in A Beauty Secret Studio!~

No time to exercise,
Is never a good excuse,
For parenting!~
Family fitness room,
Which offers WiO Express's Power Plate,
And other fitness props for parents and kids...

Parents can stay healthy and fit,
Parents can stay beautiful...
While the kids are playing and learning!

In short,
The family park compromises of,
4 major component:
1: Relaxation & leisure: Family fitness room & A Beauty Secret Studio
2: Educational & Play: My Kingdom
3: Dining: Lillipilli, with 2 big tv, showcasing kiddos inside 'My Kingdom'
4: Shopping: 33 retailers like Pigeon, Pureen, Grolier, Faber Castell, Hasbro etc.

"Drop & Shop" service,
For toddlers / kids of 4 years old and above,
Are available, too!~

Isn't it a perfect place to hang around,
For the whole family?!~

The Parenthood
2nd Floor,
Sunway Putra Mall,
100, Jalan Putra, Chow Kit,
50350 Kuala Lumpur

Facebook page for My Kingdom themed playground by The parenthood:


Miriam said...

This looks like a great place for kids to play! I'm sure they will have a fun time while the parents shop

FiSh said...

If i were a kid, it is definitely a heaven to me! :) fun place to chill with the kids

5 Little Angels said...

Great place for Mommy to shop and children to play. Win win situation. Ha ha ha...

Bembem said...

Been there! Love my Kingdom playground, the security system is way better than others :)

Pamela Yeoh said...

I miss it. was busy with work will take my kids there next time

Sunshine Kelly said...

This place is fun for the children and parents also. Its a family hub.

Miera Nadhirah said...

Kids nowadays are so spoilt... LOL, so many amazing theme parks and play areas to explore....

Shiv B said...

What a fun place to be for the kids to play! Love the facility, there are tons of variety for them to explore with.

Caroline said...

Woot! Fun place and great activities for the kids!

Wilson Ng said...

I never been to Sunway Putra Mall yet. thanks for the info for this.

Isaac Tan said...

yay,, i was there too with the wife and kids.. they truly love the place.

Unknown said...

not able to join..but this place is amazing! love the concept..definitely a great place for kids :)

Leona Lim said...

looks like a fun place to go in the mall next time, can shop pamper and let the kids play too

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