Friday, September 30, 2016

Orthopaedic Campaign: What Moves You?

A sharing session,
At Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur...
With Dr Ozlan & Dr Razak..
The right move for all ages..

We don't always think about..
The ways our day to day habits,
Affect our musculoskeletal health...

Specialists from Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur,
Dr Abd Razak bin Muhamad,
Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon,
And Dr Ozlan Izma Muhamed Kamil,
Consultant Orthopaedic - Spine & Trauma Surgeon,
Sat down to help clear up some misconceptions..
And educate about the key factors,
For healthy bone growth and maintenance...

Kids need a balanced diet,
As well as an active lifestyle,
In order for kids to grow up healthy,

Movement helps with bone and muscle strength,
As well as overall flexibility...

While it may be most parents' instinct..
To want to protect their children from injury..

"Children should not be protected from being active,"
Explained Dr Razak...
"There are appropriate exercises,
For every age range..
And children should be encouraged to move."

Growing up children need diets high in calcium.

Dr Razak revealed that....
The most common bone problems,
In his young patients,
Are caused by excessive weight.

"Obesity applies,
A lot of stress to our growth plates -
You can expect to see bowing of the legs,
Knocked-knees, and hip problems,
In overweight children."

"We all have about 800 muscles,
210 bones, and 360 joints...
We wouldn't have been given all that,
Just to sit still"
Said Dr Ozlan Izma Muhamed Kamil

Staying active,
Is something young adults struggle with...

With the advent of handheld technology,
Many of us are increasingly sedentary
And dependent on our phones..

Dr Ozlan advises for parents,
To limit the screen time their kids have..

He has observed young people..
Coming into his office,
With symptoms of much older people -
Result of the amount of time,
They spend on their handheld devises..

"Back pain occurs,
When you try to get your body,
To do something beyond its ability.
It's not always indicative of a more serious problem.
In fact,
About 80%-90% of back pain resolves itself
Within 2-3 weeks."

Dr Ozlan advised to ,
Immediately seek medical treatment..
If back pain is accompanied by
Shooting pain down to the legs,
Loss of bladder control or a fever..

"If you don't move,
Your joints are going to get stiff.
Your muscles are going to get smaller and weaker..
It's the people who stay away from activity,
When they are injured who recover the slowest...
Pain is just a notification,
It's not an alarm!"

After the sharing session,
Media visits to the Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
Rehabilitation Centre...
With Datin Paduka Dr Tunku Nor Taayah..
Rehabilitation Medicine Physician..

The team in Gleneagles KL Rehabilitation Centre,
Wholly committed to helping patients..
Of all impairment levels gain or regain..
Some if not all of their mobility.

Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre,
A new addition to Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur Block B..
That provides one-to-one care,
With their attending physiotherapists...

Snoezelen Room for autism:
Developmental disabilities,
And attention deficit disorder...
Controlled Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE)

Equipped with apparatus,
To stimulate all the senses,
The room is meant to be explored,
By the patient,
Accompanied by a trained therapist,
And seeks to allow patients to feel more at ease,
And reduce the severity of their symptoms..

Speech therapy are available,
To help patients correct speech disorders
Or restore speech....

Hydrotherapy Pool,
Host one of the only two hydrotherapy facility in KL..
Utilises water to assist in patients' treatment and recovery...
The water in the hydrotherapy pool,
Is heated to a comfortable 34 degree celcius,
To encourage blood circulation...

It is equipped with a treadmill,
And propulsion system,
Which stimulates a wavepool.
It is sanitised through..
A combination of UV light,
And a bit of chlorine 
(Significantly less than that of a commercial pool)
To keep it infection free.
It also has an attachment,
To assist patients,
Who use a wheelchair,
To get into the pool..

GKL Rehabilitation team,
Also pay visits,
To their patients' home,
Before they discharged from the hospital,
to make sure that it is conducive to their recovery.

For more information...
Kindly visit Gleneagle KL's website,
Or their facebook at


Absolute Yana said...

This is like a heads up to i have been running marathons..and my knees took the harsh tol...

Thelittlelai: Beyond limits said...

I'm learning a lot from this post. I may don't have yet a kids for now, but this would be a big help for me to be a good parent someday. Everything is on point,I as well agree with how kids should have balanced in everything. They also need recreational activity to make themselves active, int this way, they will grow and learn.

Shiv B said...

Looks pretty well equipped. Plus the Hydrotherapy Pool is certainly very tempting to try. Will recommend the share :)

Miera Nadhirah said...

this is pretty awesome... It is definitely a good campaign to get more awareness about this great initiatives Gleneagles is having...

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

nice interview. the Hydrotherapy Pool looks cool

Shub said...

Each part of our body is so important. This post is a reminder that we have to take good care of it.

Elizabeth O. said...

This is such a good reminder for us all. That's why we need to be active, especially the kids. To make sure that their bones are also taken care of and that they won't encounter any health issues regarding their posture and their bones.

Emily said...

I recently suffered from back pain, so severe was the pain that I thought there was something wrong with me. Luckily, it resolved after a couple of weeks.

Franc said...

Kids should really move more and be active rather than just sit in a corner and play with gadgets. This is a timely reminder for parents and kids alike that can really help us in our health.

Sharon Lee said...

Wow it has really nice and relaxing environment for the kids! Thanks for sharing this meaningful campaign =D

Lexhansplace said...

Orthopeaedic campaigns are such good ways to come out and do alot more for the people with bone issues, great and i commend this initiative. alot more of this should be done all round the world as we have alot of people suffering from this cases.

5 Little Angels said...

Calcium is indeed very important for children. I make sure my children drink milk daily to stay healthy.

Fred Said said...

Ortho and Rehab really have a lot to do with Sports and Athletes. Very nice rehab facilities, but the quality of the physical therapists matter a lot too. Now there is a specialty specifically for Sports Medicine to address the specific health concerns of athletes.

Unknown said...

Is there a reason why you make your sentences on your new line with every punctuation? It was a little difficult to read and I thought it was interesting how you do it... I'm glad the doctors in Malaysia are doing something about the health of kids!

The Graceful Mist said...

A lot of kids nowadays are so enthralled in just using phones or tablets to play. It`s very significant that they are moving and actively playing. Playing games on gadgets might be fun but there`s really nothing compared to physically playing for games because it not only exercises the body but also the mind.

Cheryn said...

Facilities are quite impressive. I did not know they had so many of these equipment and services.

Travellover23 said...

is good to see the hospital are well equipped !

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