Monday, October 17, 2016

The Frutzee Family by Nutrio Food

Nutrio food launches...
The Frutzee Family...

A crispy crunch.
A busrt sweetness...
It's natural.
It's healthy.

Derek, Frutzee's Managing Director,
Is a father of 3 adorable chidlre,
But turned out they are very picky eaters!~
With his 10 years background,
In the food business and immense commitment,
In providing the best for his family,
He and his partners, Eddie,
Came up with this new concept of snacks...

Speaking at the launch,
Eddie Ooi, the sales consultant of Frutzee,
Stated that Nutrio Food supports snacking...
It makes us happy and we should enjoy snaking!~

Introducing Frutzee,
Without unnecessary preservatives,
Colourings and taste enhancers...

Ms Suki,
The PR for Nutrio Food..

The Frutzee Family,
Is now available,
For purchase online...

Do you ever wonder,
What recipe is available,
To make Frutzee more yummy?!~

My very simple recipe for Frutzee Salad:
1. Open up one bag of crunchy berry.
2. Open up one bag of crispy banana.
3. Open up one bag of crispy apple.
4. Open up one bag of crunchy grapes.
5. Mix all together in a bowl...
6. Add in 1 spoonful of mayonnaise.
7. Add in 1 spoonful of thousand island.
8. Sit back and enjoy Frutzee Salad...

For more info,
Visit Nutrio Food's facebook..


Emily said...

Am not a mother myself but these look so cute that i too wanna take a bite. LOL Am definitely letting my friends know of this goodie!

Fadzi Razak said...

My son loveeee Frutzee so much. I also use them to add up to other food such as bread and nutella and sprinkle some bananan frutzee on top. veru delicious

elanakhong said...

OMG... so cute and healthy too. Great choice for the kids.

Shiv B said...

I think I have heard about Frutzee before - my niece really loves it. Cheers to the share dear :)

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