Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ZooMoo CNY Paper Plate Rooster

It's Chinese New Year!~
It's Year of Rooster...
And we're going to celebrate it,
Together with ZooMoo,
By creating a Paper Plate Rooster craft!~

Step 1: Fold paper plate into half.
Step 2: Glue the googly eyes on the paper plate.
Step 3: Fold the red felt.
Step 4: Cut out the rooster's comb and rooster's wattle.
Step 5: Fold the orange felt and cut out 2 triangle pieces.
Step 6: Stick all the felt we cut on the paper plate.

Step 7: Cut a small silt on the top back of the paper plate.
Step 8: Apply glue on the stem of the feathers and slide them through silt.

Here you go!~
A festive paper plae rooster,
For Chinese New Year!~

Zoomoo Jan/Feb 2017 Programme Highlights:
Happy Year Of The Rooster! 
Premieres Saturday 21 January at 3pm
(Repeats throughout January)

Dinosaur Train - New Series
New Episodes every Saturday and Sunday,
From 1st January at 4pm
(Repeats 8pm, 9am & 12pm)

Bath Time
Premiere Saturday 4 February at 11:30am
(Repeats 3:30pm, 7:30pm and 7:30am)

Let's Play
Premier Saturday 18 February at 10:30am
(Repeats 2:30pm, 10:30pm & 6:30am)

Lemur's Valentines Day
Premieres Saturday 4 February at 2pm,
And plays throughout February

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