Monday, March 6, 2017

Magical Musicals with the klpac Orchestra

3 day only Magical Musicals,
From 7-9 April..
Promises to be a smashing season opener,
For klpac Orchestra,
under the baton of Lee Kok Leong...

The trio comprising multi-award winning singer and entertainer Tria Azia,
The charming tenor-baritone Joel Wong,
And trumpet virtuoso Kay Wong Sze Yen,
Will be belting out iconic tunes,
From Les Miserables,
Phantom of the Opera,
Miss Saigon,
And even Evita!

There will also be some family-friendly numbers,
From Beauty and The Beast,
Highlights from the musical phenomenon Wicked,
Along with more surprises!~

To purchase the tickets,
Call 03-4047 9000 
Or head over to


Minivan Ministries said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. We are into orchestra music lately!

Anis Farhana said...

Oh my! I didn't know about this. Hmmmm very tempted to try it out but I just bought the tix to the HP show #brokeaf. But seriously the music line up is loveeee

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