Thursday, June 15, 2017

Solitaire Bliss

Too boring?
Maybe you'd like to hop over,
To Solitaire Bliss...
For a game challenge...

There are so many games available,
For us to choose...
And don't forget to challenge yourself,
In the daily challenges...
Check out the latest games and their scores..
You may play the last game you just played,
Or choose a brand new games to play...

Spider, 1 suit,
The very first game I tried...
Basically the games is about,
Arranging according to the numbers....
You can find out how to play the games exactly,
In the guide and tips....

Trying out 2nd game:
Spider Solitaire...
Pretty challenging game..

And the 3rd games:
Arrange not only according to numbers,
But alternately with red and black cards...

Besides those 3 games,
There's plenty more to choose from,
And explore one by one,
During leisure time..

The best part is,
It comes with game guides and tips..
If you're lost and don't know how to play,
Or stuck in the middle of the games..
Remember to read through the guides and the tips...

Join the challenges!~

Happy gaming!~

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