Friday, January 12, 2018

IPC's new funland

IPC Shopping Centre,
Is now back with brand new look!~
New and definitely improved!

Even just the entrance itself....
Kiddos will spend minutes to hours,
Hanging around only at the entrance...
It's really a brand new fun land!~

Information counter,
With all the information,
About the shopping centre we needed...
Plus rental of stroller and wheel chair service,
For the shoppers than needed it...

Little playground for the kiddos...
Once step inside,
They never wanna leave the funland!~

The best part in brand new IPC is,
The restroom is so comfortable,
A family room,
With toilet, diaper changing and breastfeeding...

Tired of walking around,
Window shopping?
Sit down and have a break,
With I Love Yoo's snack!!!~

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