Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hotel Maya Still Waters

Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur,
Has appointed Chef Zainurin bin Mohd Salleh,
As the new Executive Sous Chef...

With over 30 years of culinary experience,
Garnered from working in several renowed hotels,
And Japanese fine dining restaurant,
Chef Zainurin was born and raised in Masjid Tanah, Melaka..

 As introduction,
Chef Zainurin brings together,
3 of his signature dishes....

Dragon Roll,
King prawn tempura rolled with nori,
And topped with fresh salmon...

Ingredient list:
Shrimp, Salmon,
Japanese Rice, Yaki Nori,
Wasbiko, Japanese Tobiko,
Japanese Mayonnaise...

Hotate Mentai Mao Yaki:
Grilled hokkaido scallop with fresh mushromm,
& topped with mentai mayo sauce...

Ingredient list:
Scallop, Mentaiko, Shitake mushroom,
Hon Shimeji mushroom, Enoki golden mushroom,
Unsalted butter, Shoyu sauce,
Kew Pie Mayonnaise..

Beef Sirloin Steak,
Pan-fried beef sirloin,
With garlic sauce & rocket salad..

Ingredient list:
Beef striploin,
Shitake mushroom, Unsalted butter,
Japanese BBQ Sauce, Rocket salad..

"Japanese cuisine teaches us to be disciplined,
Respectful, creatiev and honest...
It is the art of preparing the dishes,
Which makes it special and unique."
Says Chef Zainurin...

Hotel Maya is strategically located,
At the heart of the city,
Just a short stroll away from Petronas Twin Towers.
Come and experience and extraordinary Japanese Dining experience,
At Still Waters, Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur now...

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