Monday, December 30, 2019

Sunway Putra Hotel - Winners of Employees' Bin it to Win it! Challenge

Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur,
Recently organised "Bin it to Win it! Challenge,
To create awareness on repurposing use dfabrics...

This is in line with the hospitality group -
Sunway Hotels and Resorts' partnership with Kloth Cares,
A Malaysian social entrepreneurship movement dedicated,
To keep fabrics out of landfills,
Through rethinking, reusing, reducing,
Repurposing and recycling unwanted fabrics..

According to Mr Michael Monks,
General Manager of Sunway Putra Hotel,
"Our aim is to collect at least 2200kg of unwanted fabrics,
By the end of year 2021.
It is estimated that Malaysians produce up to 2,000 tonnes of textile waste,
And other wearable products daily;
They make up 5% of all solid waste.
Decomposed textile waste releases methane,
A harmful greenhouse gas,
That is a significant contributor to global warming."

The partnership with Kloth Cares,
Involved a permanet Kloth Cares bin,
Placed int he hotel for its employees,
To recycle their used linen, clothes and soft toys,
Which are then collected on a monthly basis by Kloth Cares.

Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala LUmpur's challenge,
Which ran from 6-13November 2019,
Is aimed at encouraging its employess to recyle their used fabrics,
And apply the function of Kloth Cares bin.

During the 2-week challenge,
The Hotel has successfully collected
More than 500kg of linens and old textiles.

 At the end of the challnge period,
3 winners chosen based on highest collection weight...

First price wins an accommodation stay,
At Sunway Hotel Hanoi
While second and third prize were at
Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh,
And Sunway Hotel Georgetown, respectively...

This initiative by Sunway Hotels & Resorts,
Is part of the #sunwayforgood movement..
Which is Sunway's commitment towards
A sustainable environment, economy and society ...
Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Sunway Hotels and Resorts continues to align its business,
Operating strategies and corporate culture
With sustainable practices and solutions,
In line with the SGD agenda.
All Sunway Hotels & Resorts are fully committed,
And have adopted SDG2 that focuses on,
Zero Hunger and SDG12 on Responsible Consumption and Production;
Fostering a better future for the communities,
In which Sunway builds, serves and lives.

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