Sunday, January 19, 2020

Discovery Early Years

Discovery Early Years,
A children enrichment centre,
Which focuses on play-based learning experiences,
Is officially launched,
At The Park, Bukit Jalil...

Guided by the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS),
The centre offers a play-based pedagogy,
Which focuses on playful explorations,
With the intention of learning,
For children aged 2 to 6++
Specifically targeting on the development,
Of 21th century skills,
In a bid to prepare young minds,
To become confident learners in the future..

What can I create?
With all these materials...

My creation:
My little secret garden...

Creativity is thinking out the boxes,
Without any limitations...

 Discovery early Years' curriculums,
Are designed to be hands-on, brains-on,
For an enriching learning experience for children..

To dive deeper into each child's unique abilities,
The EYFS framework,
Will be used to decode and deconstruct
The mesh of connections,
That occurs during the explorative play...

An observation and discovery report,
Will be provided at the end of each play session,
To help teachers and parents
Assess, guide and support children's learning and development..

The power of play,
Respect the play...

With 7 key stations:
Investigation Station
Creative Station
Construction / Workshop Station
Dramatic Play Station,
Literacy Station..
Sensory Station
Carpet Area...

For more information,
Visit Discovery Early Years' Official Website..

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