Monday, December 7, 2020

Anlene Introduces GOLD 5x formulation

Anlene Introduces GOLD 5x formulation,
As part of balanced diet...
To stay active with better movement, flexibility and feel energized...

Having to work from home or stay at home,
May make our life less active...
But don't let bone, joint and muscle deterioration,
Which may develops with age,
To stop us from staying active for years to come...

Take care of musculoskeletal health,
With adequate exercise and balanced diet...
Is important as nutrition lays the foundation,
To build and maintain strong bones, joints and muscles,
For an active lifestyle...

Anlene introduces ACTIFIT 3X and GOLD 5X
Formulated to provide important nutrients for adults...
To move with flexibility and energy!

In terms of nutrition,
Puan Megawasti Suzari,
Director of New Product Development, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs,
At Fonterra Brands Malaysia,
Which markets Anlene,
Highlights the importance for middle aged adults,
To care for their mobility,
Via maintaining strong bones, joints and muscles,
Which also necessary for active living and healthy aging...

A recent study highlights:
The importance of both regular exercise,
And milk intake as part of a balanced diet...
It shows that participants who consumed 2 glasses of milk,
Added with MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane)
And important nutrients plus regular exercises,
Had 2x the improvement in flexibility,
3x the improvement in balance,
And 40% more improvement in muscle mass compared to control.

According to Dr. Nor I'zzati Saedon,
Who is consultant geriatric,
And senior lecturer of internal medicine
At University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC),
Musculoskeletal health is one of the key factors
In enabling people to live their lives independently
And it starts with building and maintaining bones, muscles and joints
That will continue to be strong for many years ahead.

The musculoskeletal system provides form, support, stability,
And movement to the body.
It is made up of the bones of the skeleton, muscles,
Cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints,
And other connective tissue
That supports and binds tissues and organs together.

Another expert in the musculoskeletal field is chiropractor,

Mr. Calvin Shun,

Founder of Osso Bone Care Chiropractic,

Who highlights changes in the musculoskeletal system as one ages.

“Our bones may start to deteriorate from as early as 30s ,

Losing up to 20% of bone density

And our joint cartilages (the ‘cushions’ between joints)

May have significant degeneration in our 40s.

Our muscle functions may become weaker

By losing up to 29% of its strength as we age,” he says.

New Anlene™ GOLD 5X™ is scientifically formulated

With key nutrients that are important

To support adults’ nutritional needs

And has no added sugars.

An important ingredient in the product is MFGM Active™,

Which contains MFGM -

A combination of lipids and proteins

That provides similar compounds

To those found in joint fluids.

Let’s enjoy the goodness of Anlene™ GOLD 5X™!

In each glass of milk,
Enjoy the goodness of Anlene™ ACTIFIT 3X™
That comes with high calcium, high protein,
Vitamin B2, B6, B12, C, D, E and collagen,
While Anlene™ GOLD 5X™ is scientifically formulated
To provide the same nutrients that 3X™ offers,
Plus MFGM Active™ and with no added sugars.

Anlene™ ACTIFIT 3X™ and GOLD 5X™ are brought to Malaysian consumers
By Fonterra Brands Malaysia,
A company committed to the highest of food safety and quality standards.
Both products are now available at major retailers nationwide and online
At our official stores on Shopee and Lazada.
Recommended retail price of Anlene™ ACTIFIT 3X™ (1kg) is RM34.65
And Anlene™ GOLD 5X™ (1kg) is at RM38.90.

Visit to take Anlene Move Check Quiz,
A special tool developed to assess your mobility
By performing simple physical movement.
Or you can look out for Anlene Mobility Check
Happening in store and on ground
To assess your flexibility, strength, bone and muscle mass.


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