Sunday, January 31, 2021


e-GreenBeans (EGB)
A one-stop online platform,
For acquiring global healthcare product,
Was founded in 2018....

EGB is launching a new healthcare product range,
Under brand name: GREENS:
Meal for Thee - Protein Enrichment Drink,
UpFi'r - Beauty Drink 
And Wellone - Immune Booster Drink...

The products are certified by 
Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI)
Which ensures the company fulfilled to the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009
Requirements of Malaysia...

The products are also certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Which means the product is of the Fo od and Drug Administration's (FDA) standard,
For manufacturing practices...

GREENS Wellone - Immune Booster Drink, a daily drink to consume every morning before starting my lovely day..

It's definitely crucial to constantly strengthen immune system especially during this pandemic. A pack of GREENS Wellone keeps the bad bad virus and bad bad bacteria away.. The Immune Booster Drink, which is rich in antioxidants from Elderberries and specially formulated in the combination of Echinacea- an ancient healing herb that is well researched for its antiviral properties in providing a stronger immune support to our body.

Increasing immune system with 100% natural GREENS Wellone helps our body to fight against infection?
GREENS Wellone has made my body stronger in fighting infection such as flu and cold. And most of all, it's yummy, amazingly good taste that comes from real Elderberry extract.

Get a dose of Antioxidants NOW at You may purchase the Wellone at
Lazada or Shopee now!

It is just a few weeks away to CNY celebration! CNY is the time when I have the privileges to eat anything I want, of course, with the benefit of drinking protein drink..

GREENS Meal For Thee is so gentle to stomach and easy for digestions. The main ingredients like Pea Protein Isolate and Soy Protein Isolate is an easily digestible protein. It is lactose free and rich in organic soybean powder for fiber. Suitable for vegan/ vegetarian. After trying out this protein enrichment drinks for a few weeks, it helps muscle build up and I can feel my body feels lighter and keeps me fueled throughout the day.

Building muscles is not only for body builder. Muscles helps in fat-loss process and keep our brain functioning at tiptop condition. By building muscles it increases our metabolic rate which in turn helps you to burn fats. I always end my exercising session with a glass of GREENS Meal For Thee as it is rich in protein and not to mention it has soy bean + natural source of protein and banana to keep me fuel and constipation free. The best companion in weight loss journey and flat flat tummy.

Love the taste of banana rich flavour and its nice nice aroma. It is 100% real banana fruit!

Do grab Meal For Thee at or you may purchase the meal for thee at
Lazada or Shopee now!

 I always believe in nourishing skin from inside out gives better results. This is my secret of After trying out GREENS UpFi'r a beauty drink dedicated for women desired for ideal body shape and youthfulness. Made from 100% natural based: -

•Marine Collagen - Restore skin youthfulness with its small molecule to enhance better absorption that improves skin elasticity and maintain skin firmness and hydration.
•Pomegranate Fruit - Known for its high antioxidant and rich in Vitamin C that helps to brighten the skin
•Pueraria Mirifica - Natural plant source of phytoestrogen helps to firm up and uplifting cup size for an ideal body shape

Find out more at EGB UpFi’r at or you may purchase upfir at Lazada or Shopee now!

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