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Dr Air - Professional air-conditioner services provider in Klang Valley

photo provided by Dr Air

Your air-conditioner at home or at office is not cold enough? On your air-cond and you are still sweating? Time to service the air-cond...... Wait... Where to find a professional and reliable service provider?????

Bought an air-conditioner, but have no idea on how to install it? Air-conditioner broke down, don't know how to fix and repair it so that it can function normally? Time for air-conditional maintenance but don't know where to find reliable service provider?

Great news!!! Have you ever heard of Dr Air? If you have, I'm sure you are one of their satisfied customer that engage with their professional service before. If you haven't, it's time for you to read up the details here. 

Well, Dr Air is a professional, top and on demand air-conditional services provider in Klang Valley area, that is Kuala Lumpur as well as Selangor. The local experts in air-conditioning services, with many years of professional experience.

Since 2016, Dr Air is established to provide customers with great air-cond service. The business was started with the founder, having an air conditioner at home but worries arise when air conditional is not working. 

Where can we find a good technician to help us in fixing our air-conditioner?
How much would they charge us after having our air conditioner fixed from hot to cold?
How can we find a trustable technician who is giving us the "worry-free" that allowed them to work in our privacy area, especially in our house, even even our room?

They are a group of people, which having the same worry like us, and they have put in effort to solved all the issues and questions above. And here they are , sharing the services we are able to trust. 

With the company's core philosophy of: never changed no matter what, customers are always first, they will not by any chance in wasting customers' valuable time. They always ensure the process is the quickest, with less waiting time and the service is to make sure customers will not get any headache in any area with air conditioner!

Dr-Air strive for market leadership, by upholding their commitment to excellence, maintaining a high standard of quality work, at an extremely competitive price...

photo provided by Dr Air

Why choose Dr Air?
It is all because, Dr Air is so concern and emphasis so much about their technicians' quality. Quality is so important of all aspect, isn't it? Customers really don't what the trouble of after service the air-conditioner still got repeated problems, so hectic. With Dr Air, all these could be avoided as all the technicians provide quality services. Their daily routines are to make sure all the technicians share the same core philosophy on serving every customer. Every customers are equally treated as they behave the same towards everyone. They behaves professionally, the look professionally, in short, simply just professional.

Besides quality, safety is also the very top priority which giving training to  their technicians. When they are outside service customers, the technician always ensure they do enough safety works before they work on every air conditioner. Howsoever it involved electrical appliances, so, safety is the very main concern, too!

It's the company's policy that there will strictly no hidden or extra charges. All the price is listed based on the calculation of the transport, labour, cost of the product and cost of the time. With the calculation, it's definitely equal or even less than the market price. Can always check the price in Dr Air's official website here.

photo provided by Dr Air

What I like about Dr Air?

Dr Air have a decent team of highly qualified service engineers, who are super efficient, very punctual and hygiene-oriented professionals. Understand that, during pandemic time, normally everyone is more particular with personal hygiene and SOP. With their many years of experience, they aim to deliver reliable 24-hour air-cond services in KL

 From  customer relationships all the way to on-site maintenance, Dr Air value responsibility and integrity above everything else, which is reflected in every stage. We can fully trust them, to provide greatest service, without compromising on the standard. 

They are so transparent and their rates are really reasonable according to the market value of air-cond services in Klang Valley area. I like their quote of: "What we quote is what you get" Don't have to worry about any hidden charges. 

photo provided by Dr Air

Air-conditioner service provided by Dr Air:
General Cleaning:
Includes basic cleaning of the air-cond's faceplate, filter net and other part, as well as gas refill and checking of gas coolant by experts to ensure air-cond functions at its optimum capacity. Available for both wall mounted and cassette/ceiling.

Overhaul cleaning:
For air-cond that have not been serviced for a long long time. Experts will perform a throughout inspection, dismantle the unit and rinse the parts with chemicals to eliminate dirt and grime.

After puchased a new air-cond or moving the air-cond to a different location? Installation comes with free wiring (up to 10ft) of copper insulation and water piping, gas refill and 30 days of workmanship warranty. Prices vary for 1.0hp, 1.5hp and 2.0-2.5hp

If air-cond broke down, service engineer who are equipped with the right tools and expertise will repair and fix and get the air-cond up and running normally again.

Quarterly maintenance services is a must to ensure optimum airflow strength. Dr Air also cater to a specialised maintenance consulting strategy for each air-cond unit.

For more details on installation services, hop over to Dr Air's official website here.

photo provided by Dr Air

For more information, contact:
Dr Air https://drair.com.my/
9, Jalan Jejaka 7,
Taman Maluri, Cheras
55100 Kuala Lumpur
email: support@drair.com.my
Watsapp: +6011-3349 5746

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