Thursday, October 27, 2022

Buds Super Soothing Organics Provides The Ultimate Relief for Babies and Children with EASYclear™ + Prebiotic

A baby’s skin is an extremely important and delicate organ that requires the best protection from the outside world. Babies also feel at their most comfortable when their skin is healthy and moisturised. Therefore, full attention and specific care is required for babies and their skin, to ensure the little ones are happy and cheerful. However, many babies also suffer from sensitive skin which calls for parents to go the extra mile for their little bud, especially when it comes to eczema. This also leads to parents enduring a range of psychological effects, including anxiety and lack of sleep, in a bid to find solutions to provide relief for their precious ones. 

In conjunction with Eczema Awareness Month, Buds Organics also had a fashion show to raise awareness on effectively dealing with eczema. Fabrics play a vital role in ensuring the skin is kept comfortable all day long, with natural and breathable fabrics being the go-to option to help minimise skin irritation. Held on 13th October 2022, the fashion show featured kids and their parents walking down the runway dressed in POKOKS apparel. The local apparel brand is known for its take on embracing culture with modern design, using high quality fabrics to help babies and children stay comfortable throughout the day.

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