Wednesday, September 20, 2023

IZARA @ Bayu Sutera, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan

I decided to pay a visit to Matrix Concepts Holdings Berhad's project: IZARA @Bayu Sutera, Bandar Sri Sendayan, which is located at Negeri Sembilan, my hometown. I'm truly amazed by Matrix's project, for integrating sustainability to create green communities while adding advance technology touch IZARA @ Bayu Sutera - smart home concept!


I like the overall structure of IZARA's project, therefore, I decided to head over to their show room for a better glimpse of the house.

The location of  IZARA @ Bayu Sutera, is nice, surrounded by Matrix International and Private school, X-Park and d'Tempat Country Club. Later I wanna tour around these places too!~

But before that, Enjoying myself, chilling at the living essence of a premium address... The whole neighbourhood is just too superb!

Ta-Da! Here I am, inside IZARA @Bayu Sutera show house! The living room is so spacious and so comfy!

Wanna join me and have a cuppa tea?

As a cooking-lover, a visit to the kitchen is a must!

Downstairs room, ideal for old folks at home, whom don't like to climb up and down the staircase to much!

Yoo-HooNow I wanna bring all of you to upstairs....

I like the open air cupboard design... So easy to grab my attire!

Feels so comfortable inside the middle room... 2 rooms with attached bathroom.

Reading is a good habit and I always wanted a house, with a super comfortable reading corner like this. Somewhere I can have some quiet "me-time' at home..

I like this kiddo's corner... Perfect house for perfect family. Home Sweet home..

Even the kid's room also is so spacious! Nice!

Finally! The master bedroom... A cupboard design, can put just everything inside. Clothes, bags, toiletries, make up stuffs etc etc...

A corner to "ban-leng-leng" The transformation starts here.. hahahahah~

After put in a Super King size bed, still got plenty of space to move around in the master bedroom. Lavish living, Rejuvenating recreation, Sensible spaces!  I'm loving it, so much!

Now, let's look at the surrounding.... Once in a while, if lazy to cook, can always ops for eating out. There's so many wide variety and choices of food to dine in and takeaways! Bandar Sri Sendayan, is indeed a self-sustaining city where everyone can live, learn, play, work and thrive all in one spectacular township!

Now, it's time for me to visit X Park...
My first stop
At Golf Driving Range...

A fantastic place to polish up my golf skill!

Vroom Vroom! It's time to feel some speed! It's racing time! 

Experiencing adventure at d'Tempat Country Club. Situated in the heart of Bandar Sri Sendayan, the d'Tempat Country Club in Seremban, spanning 380,000 sq ft. Hosting a variety of family-oriented activities for relaxation, recreation and leisure, this luxury venue integrates an array of lifestyles, catering to various age groups and preferences, and its only minutes away from Bayu Sutera! Guess what I heard? With purchase of property in IZARA, entitled 5 years of FREE membership in d'Tempat  Country ClubCan hang around here everyday! 

Visited the Matrix's gallery inside the country club, and I'm so impressed with the miniature... Can't wait for the housing area to be completed!

Look! an Olympic-sized swimming pool, for adults and wading pool with water slides for kids, water play and swimming sessions are never out reach. The poolside deck makes way for lounging and poolside dining, with great greenery and great views!

A gym room, with lots of equipment and fantastic kids pool view! I truly wanna start my gym session here, right now! Great to challenge one's inner sportsman with the spacious sports facilities here! With spectacular views of verdant landscapes, cutting edge cardio and strength training equipment, aerobics and yoga studios, and gendered steam rooms along with sauna facilities, this gym and fitness centre is revolutionizing exercise routines. Why pay for expensive gym membership when having one in just the neighbourhood? Fabulous, isn't it?

Kiddos having so much fun time at the children TV room!

Super duper impressive Audio-Visual Room. So cinematic! No need go cinema already, just stay here and enjoy all the happening movie!

If don't feel like reading at home, can always come to the country club's reading room. Dive into new book, catch up on some quiet reading or get grind going at work with reading room at d'Tempat! With books and reading materials, that's suitable for everyone! 

Last but not least, after a tour session in the whole neighbourhood, it's time to relax and have a nice spa session at d'Spa in d'Tempat Country Club.

In shorts, I'd really love to stay in IZARA @Bayu Sutera, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan! Such a great place to be in!

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