Monday, January 12, 2009

B for Ball

Ball is my favourite toy,
Now Ball is my favourite word, too!~

I'm thinking that,
Everything round is a Ball!~

Situation 1:
Sitting in the car,
Keep on repeating the word: Ball Ball Ball...
Mummy asked me: Where is the ball?
I pointed high up there,
Far away there,
There's high-tension wire sort of thingy,
With Orangery ball ball...
Mummy thinks that I got sharp eyes!~

Situation 2:
Looking at the pomelo,
I keep on point and say 'Ball Ball Ball...'

Mummy: That's a pomelo.
Me: Ball.
Mummy: That's not a ball.
Me: Ball ball.
Mummy: Pomelo.
Me: Ball.

Still, I insist it's a ball...

Situation 3:
I grab an orange,
And told mummy this is a ball, again...

Mummy: It's an orange, dear.
Me: Ball ball.
Mummy: O-RANGE.
Me: Ball.

I tried to throw the 'ball',
And kick the 'ball'.
Like how I really play my big big ball.

Mummy: That's not a ball.
Me: Ball ball ball.
Mummy: O-RANGE.
Mummy: O-Range.
Me: Ooaa...
Mummy: Yeah!~ O-RANGE!
Me: Ooa..... (to-be-continued by mummy)
Mummy: Range.

At least,
Mummy successfully convinced me,
Not everything round is a ball!


Serene said...

Hahah.. so cute!! The conversation really make me smile..

MommyAngel said...

Sean is just so cute!!! Thinking the pamelo and oranges are balls :)

Kristie said...

hahhha it is good that he can associate all the round objects as round circles at least!

Anonymous said...

*laugh* Ball ball ball.... that's what's happening to my 1 year old nephew now... everything round is "Ball ball"....

Moomykin said...

I so love it when babies start to talk.

They are the cutest!

LittleLamb said...

very good....Sean

btw, regarding the fruit..did u peel the skin or no need???

Moo Mummy said...

kid, oh... kid...

Moo Mummy said...

kid is cute..

andrewjune said...

my daughter also loves ball!
hubby bought so many balls for her...and i always ask my hubby why does he buy so many balls for a girl hahaha...

Unknown said...

Oh he's so cute. :)

Btw - thanks for visiting my blog. Will be back.

Anonymous said...

hahaha guess it's about time in add in creative words for him now. a round orange ball...

hey check out my new food blog:

Anne said...

CUTE~~~~ =)
wat age of ur children? =)

cre8tone said...

Serene, makes me smile everytime I think of it, too!~

Caroline, not only oranges and pomelo, but everything round as ball...

Kristie, ya, he can differenciate shapes now!~

Angeline, haha~ ur nephew oso like tat a.. hmm..

Moomykin, yeah!~ I looking forward for every conversation with my kid..

Littlelamb, U mean the water apple? I didn't peel off the skin, juz wash and cut and serve.

Moo Mommy, Every kids is cute :)

June, ur gal oso loves ball ball a? haha.. nx time my boy n ur gal can play ball together then..hehe..

Cheeyee, thankx for dropping by, too!~

Constance, will visit ur new food blog soon.. ;)

Anne, my boy is 15mths++ now.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Salute mum for her patience! :)

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