Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nursery Rhymes

Mummy thought I'll learn A-Z,
After knowing 1-12...
I found that alphabets are meaningless...
I prefer a bunch of alphabets which forms word...

Mummy reads and sings nursery rhymes for me,
Every morning right after I wake up,
Without fails,
After and while I'm having my milk milk.....

This morning,
Mummy simply wants to test me,
On how much I know about all the nursery rhymes...
Looking back at how I always sing,
She purposely leave the last word blank,
And waiting for me to 'fill in the blanks'
For the last word in each sentences...

She tried Hey, diddle diddle,
I get 'Well Done'!
At first,
She thought,
Maybe this is the only nursery rhymes I manage to catch up...

Trying her luck again,
She sings Incy Wincy Spider,
She praise me 'Clever'!
Later on, she sings hickory dickory dock,
And she said 'Fantastic'!!
She tried many others nursery rhymes....
I got almost the nursery rhymes she used to sing to me,
ALL correctly fills with the right words!!!!!!!

Can you imagine how surprise my mummy is?!!!!!

Such an impressive development!!
Mummy said I should be very proud of myself!
She's very proud of me, for sure!!!


Cynful Pleasure said...

Sean.. you are so good! *clap clap* for you! and keep up the good work ya... :)

Broccoli Ginger said...

Mummy's expression >:O and then >:)
Little Sean now has more surprises for mummy.. more to come~..hehehe

Dora said...

Lil Prince, ur mommy is so good always sing songs for u. Ask ur mommy whether she likes to try playing this tag:-


Alice Law said...

Perhaps Little Prince can be Little Sprout's good partner in singing Nursery Rhymes and children songs. Both can take turns singing and fill in the blanks, that would be really fun and entertaining!

Let Sean tries "fill in the blank" with his favourite story books, mummy should have more surprises with that! ;)

Merryn said...

Can you hear me clapping my hands here? Smart boy!

Alice Phua said...

Clever boy!

cre8tone said...

cynthia, merryn, alice phua, thankx~

broccoli & ginger's mummy, he sure did give me lots of surprises..

Dora, will check out the tag :)

Alice law, haha~ your little sprout also 'fill in the blank' ar? haha~~~

Mummy Gwen said...

Clever boy *clap clap*

cre8tone said...

Thankx mummy gwen :)

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