Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cute Panda Pick

Simple meal,
With lots of cute pick!~
Love the panda family pick!

I sit on the bench outside my classroom,
Eating all the food in my lunchbox...
While mummy talking to my teacher.......
When she come and pick me up after my class dismissed.

Just within minutes,
I finish off everything!~
Super fast!~


mNhL said...

After attending school, kids really get hungry very fast. haha...mine was like that too.....appetite improving day by day.

Small Kucing said...

Looks like Panda Picks likes roast pork a lot lo..stick to roast pork geh

foongpc said...

I want the panda picks! : )

MeRy said...

Nice panda pick.

cre8tone said...

mNhL, great to see they're having good appetite, right?

smallkucing, hahah ya lo..

foongpc, can get it from bento market or bento craft.

Mery, thanks

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