Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter Day!

Our school is having Easter Day Party today!~

I was requested to wear yellow shirt to school....
And mummy prepared hard-boiled-egg and carrots for me.......

The moment before I step into my classroom,
I saw two cute little rabbits!~
I guess both cute bunnies are going to join the fun, too!~

I think we're going to have,
Art and craft session with the eggs later on!
My favourite art time!

Till then,
So much fun awaits me for the party!~

Happy Easter Day to everyone who's celebrating....


mNhL said...

Are that 2 bunnies your new pet?

Angeline said...

Can't wait to see your crafts! *smile* So far, my boy's favourite easter craft is the Bunny Rabbit. *smile*

Edmund said...


Just dropped by!

Happy Easter to u and your family as well! :)

cre8tone said...

mNhL, nope. His school bring 2 rabbits on Easter Day!

Angeline, posted up d..

Edmund, Thanks for dropping by, too!

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