Monday, April 11, 2011

Show and Tell

Our class is having,
Show and Tell session,
Once in a week......

All my friends and me will bring along,
Our favourite things, toys or books to school...
To practically 'show off' what we have..

Right after my Disney On Ice show,
I've been asking my mummy everyday...
Today got Show and Tell or not?

I wanted to tell my teachers and my friends so much,
On my experience of meeting the 'real' McQueen!~

Teacher told mummy,
I told them very interesting stories......
With just one Disney On Ice program book!

I guess I just have so much to show and tell,
Since the show is so amazing!~
Simply dreams come true for me...


Rose world said...

Good for little prince!! More to come.

cre8tone said...

Rose, they having it every week..

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