Thursday, June 6, 2013

Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party

It's party time!~
Off and away...
To Poppy Garden....
To attend..........
Or perhaps to meet Tiesto?
Special thanks to Nuffnang!~

Emcee of the day,
Starts the party,
By some exciting games...

It's very entertaining,
To see James, Carolyn and Jay,
Dancing 'gracefully' in front of the crowds!~

The main reason why we're partying here!~
Time to explore beyond limits....
With Aspire P3 Ultrabook,
And Aspire R7 Notebook...

Mr Jeffery from Acer,
Giving the brief introduction of,
Aspire P3-171....

Followed by the amazing Aspire R7,
With Ezel hinge...
Which enable users to smoothly convert,
The Aspire R7 into 4 different modes:
Notebook, Ezel, Pad and Display,
With just ONE HAND!!!~
Total convenience,
At your fingertips,
Bringing touch closer to you!~

I still pretty amazed with Ultrabook!!~
Who still needs Ultraman when he/she have Acer's Ultrabook???
It consist of Ultrabook power,
With total tablet freedom!~

I can still type on the keyboard,
Even the screen is far apart from it!
Simply amazing, right?

It's super thin and light,
It's just a great tool to have,
When we're focusing on productive tasks,
And when we need greater flexibility to move around...
Owning Acer Ultrabook,
It's like a dream-come-true,
For each and every blogger!~
And perhaps,
Non-bloggers, too!~
It's time for food....
Before that,
Let's share our tweet and photo in instagram,
With #myacertouch!~
The best post walk away with shopping voucher worth RM100!!!
I tried to post,
But I'm just not good enough..
The fun doesn't just end here...
It's time for FOOD!~

Everyone's kind of hungry,
When buffet dinner is served...
The food tastes yummilicious!~

The party continues,
With some group games....
Bloggers form themselves into a group of 10 each...
And the winning group walk away with shopping vouchers, too!~
It's really fun and I enjoy each and every single second,
During the “PLAYsure Redefined” Party!~

You must be wondering,
If Tiesto really turn up in the party......
Nope, he didn't..
DJ Vera surprises us..
With what Acer Ultrabook can do,
By mixing around super cool songs,
For the party!~

What are you waiting for???
Let's dance!!!!!!~

This is the moment,
Everyone is waiting for....
Lucky draw!!!!~

It's definately not my lucky day....
But still..
I wish to send my heartiest congratulations,
To the winners,
Who walk away with amazing prizes,
For the lucky draw!~~~

At least,
I walk back with the door gift,
Which consist of,
Acer travelling adapter,
That comes inside a little cute black pouch!~~~
Cool enough to make me happy!~

Thanks Nuffnang for the invite!~
Thanks Acer & Intel for the wonderful party!~


煒霖 said...

This is such a great event!!! =]

Sherry said...

adapter not bad ah.. :D

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Traveling adapter considered quite a useful door gift already =)At least better than notepad+++

Simple and short, like it =)

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