Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Ever National UNO® Champion!!

Mattel’s wide search across Asia,
To crown the Asia UNO® Challenge,
Was an initiative to highlight positive UNO® brand values 
That is: 
To educate and nurture children, 
As well as to serve as an ideal platform,
For families to interact,
And bond through this family friendly, 
Fast-paced yet simple game for all. 
Emcee of the day,
Interviewing one of the finalist...
The game is about to start!!!
Who'll be crown as Numero UNO®?

A shy-smile on 9-year-old Rachel Koh's face,
Right after discarding her very last card: Blue 3,
And crowned as first ever national UNO® Champion!!!

Happy faces on the Winners,
Together with their prizes:
·         Champion – Rachel Koh (9 years old)
·         1st Runner Up – Seng Ming Wei (13 years old)
·         2nd Runner Up – Suryiavarman (14 years old)

·         3rd Runner Up – Teoh Sze Wei (8 years old)

Commercial Director of Mattel Southeast Asia, 
Mr. Gavin Little,
With national Champion, Rachel, 
Proud mother, Ang Chiew Hooi 
And her younger brother...

We will soon see her representing our nation,
In the highly anticipated 2013 Asia UNO® Challenge,
Later this November in Tokyo, Japan. 

Rachel will compete with six other national UNO® champions
Including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Hong Kong,
Paving a way for Malaysia,
As she stands a chance to be numero UNO®. 

I started to play UNO® now!~
And I love it very very much!~~~

Next year, 
I'll fit in the minimal age range,
To participate in UNO® Challenge.....

Will I be the next UNO® Champion?


MeRy said...

That is an interesting game...

Mummy Moon said...

Wow, that is interesting!

Broccoli Ginger said...

wow!! when are they going to do it in Penang? My son loves this game!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow she is good.

cre8tone said...

Wenn, very interesting!~

Mery, I love this games, too!~

Mummy Moon, yup!~ She's.. Just 9 year old!~

Broccoli Ginger, actually the preliminary round was held in everywhere in Malaysia, not just Klang Valley, including Ipoh, Melacca and Penang, too!~ Only the semi-final and final held in 1U.. Our boys can participate next year and hopefully we can meet each other in the final.. haha!~
You can check out the information here..

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