Monday, September 9, 2013

Merdeka Parade

Our very first LRT experience,
In Malaysia~~~~

Merdeka Parade~~~~~
Just look at the crowd of people!!!!!~

The Royal Car!~

Ready to fire?!~

Kumpulan Pancaragam.....
Be prepared and waiting for their turn..
To march in the parade!~

The helicopter flying show!~
The sound of the vehicle flying low~~~
Is really amazing!!!!!~~~

The soldier are well-prepared...
For the Merdeka parade....

The horse looks so serious,
And the rider looks so alert,
Marching at the parade!~

I know,
There's different kind of teams for each,
But I really can't recall the soldier's team's actual name....
Happy Merdeka Day!!!~


煒霖 said...

Hahaha, Happy Merdeka Day!!! =]

Merryn said...

Those soldier's face!!!!!!!!! >_<

ChloeRuoyi said...

It's a great experience to be there, to see the real "live" parade. I've only seen it on TV ;)

cre8tone said...

小影, yup.. happy merdeka day!

Merryn, they looks kind of scary.. hahahah~

Chloe, totally diff, to c the live parade! Nice!

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