Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celebration of P&G's 175 Years of Innovation with The Everyday Effect Story

To inspire Malaysians,
In embracing the little acts,
That make our lives easier,
Or even more special every day,
Procter & Gamble Malaysia (P&G),
The company behind...
Some of our best-loved consumer brands,
Joined its global counterparts,
In celebrating P&G's 175 years of innovation -
The Everyday Effect Story....

 "Sometimes we forget to appreciate,
The value the simple acts,
That we do everyday,
Bring to the quality of our lives....
At P&G,
Awareness of significance of these simple acts,
Like brushing your teeth,
Clean your oily hair,
Wash your smelly clohtes...
Is the biggest motivation,
That drives innovation of our products..."
Nicolas de La Giroday,
Country CEO for P&G Malaysia and Singapore,
Shared the great thought behind,
The celebration event at Elements showroom.....

Sharing the same sentiment at the event,
Was all-round celebrity mum, Dahne Iking...
She chronicled the daily woes,
Faced by ordinary Malaysians,
And the true meaning of everyday acts to her,
"Nothing makes as big an impact as products,
That make everyday routine and tasks
That little bit easier, faster and effortless...
Small gestures of kindness,
And saving time on everyday chores,
Really do mean a lot for working mum like me'

Official launch of P&G,
The Everyday Effect Story....

Nicolas & Daphne,
Posing with P&G products!~

Last but not least,
Sharing the photos of winners....
Of lucky draw + P&G Hunt.....
P&G hunt was hosted in P&G Home..
Which I'll show you in my next post...

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