Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kinderdijk Child Safety Roadshow Press Launch

Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd launched
A one-week Child Safety Roadshow Campaign,
That centres on Kinderdijk's commitment,
To strongly remind parents and guardians,
To be wary and to take all necessary precautions,
To safeguard their children's safety.
Venue: East Entrance Atrium, Groud Floor, Mid Valley Megamall...
Date: 14-20 October 2013...
Time: 10am-10pm

Mr. Gwei Tze-Co,
Managing Director of Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd said...
Based on the statistics,
Parents seem to assume that,
Holding their child,
Or letting them sit on the lap,
Is enough to protect them,
From the impact of accidents....
It is also becoming a worrying trend that,
The usage of child safety car seats and travel systems,
Are not something that most Malaysian parents take seriously....

 "According to the study conducted by MIROS,
An infant will be flung forward at a high velocity albeit,
Being held by an adult during a vehicle collision at only 30km per hour....
Thus, being equipped with the right and comfortable baby travelling equipment,
Can provide a peace of mind to parents,
When using the equipment while travelling.. "
Said Ms Jenny Kwan,
Senior Sales Manager, Hong Kong & ASEAN,
Newell Rubbermaid Asia Pacific...

Followed by....
Child Care Products Demonstration,
By Ms Yvonne Wong,
Senior Business Unit Manger,
Baby Division,
Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd....
And Mr Tee Seng Thien,
Sales Manger, ASEAn,
Newell Rubbermaid (M) Sdn Bhd...

According to Yvonne,
Aprica has formed the 8.3.8 Principle,
To identify, protect and nurture the baby's body and mind,
To create the best environment,
For babies with the development of comfortable baby products.

8.3.8 Principle:

8 Babies' immaturity in body to be protected-
1. Heavy head and unstable neck
2. Underdeveloped respiratory function
3. Straight backbone, high risk for hip dislocation
4. Underveloped thermoregulation
5. Unstable sleep pattern
6. Weak skin barrier function
7. Undeveloped sensory function
8. Undeveloped immune system

3 Baby's emotional growth to be encouraged-
1. "Relationship of trust" nurtured by physical contact.
2. "Curiosity" developed by stimulation of five senses.
3. "Communication ability" fostered by everyone's smile.

8 Medical structures to protect and nurture Baby's body and mind-
1. Lay down a baby on a flat bed.
2. Put any restriction on a baby's head and neck.
3. Keep natural posture according to a baby's growth.
4. Provide comfortable breathability and hydrothermal environment.
5. Protect a baby from dust and harmful substances.
6. Reduce shock and uncomfortable vibration.
7. Ensure a baby's natural sleep and life rhythm.
8. Support communication with a baby.

Aprica's flat bed car seat,
The one and only in the market...

After the baby's around 4 months old...

Convert again,
Front facing car seat....

Mr Tee showing
The structure to control hydrothermal environment,
In a Aprica's Stroller....

Structure to protect a baby,
From harmful environment...
They even considering protecting babies
From harmful UV Rays!~

Simply amazed me....
With how the length of the car seat,
Could be adjustable.....
In just a click and pull.....
As a kid like me grow taller,
We can just adjust the length of the car seat easily!~

Love the idea of storage,
In the playpen...
Some buttons to press on....
For vibration to sooth babies to sleep...
+ listening to some soft music!~
How comfy!~

Last but not least,
Group photo of Key persons.....
From Mom's Care, Kinderdijk
And Newell Rubbermaid......

Want to know more about the roadshow?
Want to know more about Graco & Aprica products?
My didi has more photos to show in his blog....


Huai Bin said...

Good to see campaigns like this!

Holding a baby or child on your lap is the worst thing to do in a vehicle, they'll absorb the brunt of a collision as well as the force of the airbag deploying....

Blackswan said...

This is such an informative post for parents especially!

cre8tone said...

Huai Bin & Shirley, yes, very informative for parents out there..

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