Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Little Lion Dance Performers

We are getting ready,
For our lion dance performance at home...

Further arrange the stool,
For us to perform on it...

I'm big kor kor,
And I'm in charge of the lion head..
Mei mei take the lion's tail..
While di di is busy keeping up our beat,
With his little drum!~

It's super fun,
And mummy enjoyed,
Every part of our performance!~


Stacy said...

Happy new year! That's a nice lion. :)

Rose world said...

Cute! Kid's lion dance is always entertaining. :)

cre8tone said...

Stacy, yup~

Rose, fully agree!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

hehe.. so fun and cute!

I no buy the lion dance thing.. worry my toddler pulling it .. he's a destroyer.. to toys.

cre8tone said...

Sherry, We bought it many years ago... Still can use until now.. not bad..

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