Monday, February 24, 2014

Norton's Parenting In Digital Age

Mummy attended Norton's Parenting In Digital Age forum,
Nigel TanDirector of Systems Engineering, Symantec Malaysia
Jason MokConsumer Sales Manager, Symantec Malaysia
Josephine HohCountry Director, Symantec Malaysia
Yu Wui WuiCorporate Communications Senior Manager, Symantec Malaysia

My mummy personally thinks,
Children nowadays are born 'digitally'.......
They're able to control any digital devices,
Anytime they're given one......
As a parent in digital age....
She's pretty concern,
If I'm enjoying the internet safely or not...

Symantec, the global leader in information protection,
And its mission is to make the world a safer place 
By protecting and managing information 
So everyone is free to focus on achieving their goals. 
Family online safety is at the very heart of Symantec’s mission!~

Information for mummies:
The following are key features of Norton Family:

·         Web Supervision - Lets you see which sites your kids visit on their PC, Mac or Android and block access to specific sites
·         Social Network Monitoring - Shows you how your kids represent themselves on social networks
·         Search Monitoring - Lets you see and filter what kids search for online
·         Personal Information Protection - Lets you prevent sharing of sensitive personal information online, such as phone number or birthday.
·         Time Supervision - Allows you to set limits on how much time your kids can spend on their PC or Mac.
·         Email Alerts - Automatically alerts you via email when kids ignore a warning or attempt to visit a blocked site.
·         Parent Mobile App - Lets you monitor your kids’ online activities from your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.
·         Activity History (7 Days) - Gives you a log of your kids’ online activities

In addition, Norton Family Resources:, Symantec’s online portal provides a rich range of free resources in online safety, from blogs to videos and articles on safety tips.

The Internet offers education, entertainment, news from around the world, and improves lives with access to tremendous services such as chat, email, online shopping, and more. By becoming educated and aware of the online risks and dangers, and using up-to-date Internet security software, parents can help their growing child navigate this amazing cyberworld with increasing levels of independence.


Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Norton used to be slow and resource hungry. But these few years, it has improved significantly.

cre8tone said...

Happy with the improvement!~

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