Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tefal Actifry Press Launch

The world’s leading cookware and home appliances maker, 
Introduces a healthy, modern and practical cooking technology, 
Named the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 electrical cooker. 

This highly-acclaimed appliance from France 
Is the No. 1 cooker in Europe and Canada, 
And it provides a healthy 
And more convenient way to cook, 
Giving tasty results, 
While preserving the nutrients inside the food. 

Consumers with a hectic lifestyle 
Who are constantly seeking time 
To prepare wholesome meals for the family 
Will find the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 
A perfect solution for them. 

Busy working adults can now enjoy 
Appetizing and nourishing foods 
Without undermining their aim 
To have a nutritious diet and healthy way of life.

Keynote address by,
Kelvin Mow,
Managing Director of Groupe SEB 
(Singapore & Malaysia)

Cooking demonstration,
By Asian Food Channel (AFC)

AFC Celebrity Chef,
Anis Nabilah is cooking handily,
With Tefal ActiFry...

Together with...
AFC Nutritionist Dino Goh!

Emcee of the day,
Terence Dass,
Is explaining the benefits of Tefal ActiFry:
Compared to the conventional frying methods, 
Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 is a natural and healthy solution 
For wholesome cooking as it uses lesser amount of oil.  

Don't forget to join...
Tefal's Revolution,
At 1Utama Shopping Centre...

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Sherry said...

wow Tefal brand, nice.. not try this brand before.

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