Friday, May 30, 2014

Rainbow Colours!

We painted our house,
All by ourselves..
Daddy, mummy, me and mei mei..
We worked together as a team..
And it's indeed a very great bonding time....

Of course,
Daddy and mummy painted a lot more than us...
They just let us paint around,
With wall in our room...
To get the involvement,
In creating a new environment for our house....

It's really tiring...
But we're really happy,
To see our house,
In brand new rainbow colours:-
Our favourite colours of all!!!

When people come to our house,
They'll queries our parents,
Which painter did you engage yourself with?
You can really make a complain,
On how uneven the colours are on the wall...

But when they know it's us,
Who painted the wall,
They are kind of impressed....
And in the same time,
Wondering why,
Our parents let us play around with paints!~

What can I tell you is..
It's really fun-filled home decoration job,
And this is really a job well done,
For little children like us....

Everyone whom stay in the house,
Get to involve in everything!~
Don't underestimate the power of children!

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