Friday, June 27, 2014

Jr NBA Open Clinic

As a basketball lover,
I won't want to miss out:
Jr NBA Open Clinic!

My Jr NBA new Jersey is super cool!~

Just look at the crowd,
At the registration counter!~
So many people~~~~

Very professional,
And well-organized training!~

I went for the morning session...
And really benefits me,
As I really learnt some great technique,
Of playing basketball!~

Little ones,
Concentrating on the coaches's instructions...

Thanks to Spalding,
I bring back home,
A brand new basketball!~

Since I'm just 7 years old,
Jr NBA Open Clinic,
Is the furthest I can attend,
Due to age constrain...

There's be super cool Dutch Lady Selection Camp
Coming up soon..
Stay tune for Jr NBA facebook
For more updates on that!~


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LittleLamb said...

i ask P to join but he dont want..... so wasted the opportunity :( He rather go for football!!

cre8tone said...

Hi Rachel, Never mind, different interest, but still exercising!~ Good what!~

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