Sunday, June 29, 2014

3D Aeroplane

It's 3D model building time....
With my favourite aeroplanes!~

I'm not 'piloting' the plane this time,
But enjoy building it!~

 There are different kind of planes,
As well as helicopters to be built!~

 Navy planes are super cool!~

I love planes!~


煒霖 said...

Fokker Dr.I is so cool!!! =D

cre8tone said...

Oh! You like fighter aircarft?!~

cre8tone said...

I mean, *aircraft, typo!~

Marc Soon Joo Yee said...

Hi there. It look nice and I feel want to have it too :) thanks for sharing

ohya, If got time, do visit my blog back via

have a nice day!

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