Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ecover Winners

Dang Dang Dang Dang...
It's time,
To announce our winners,

Before that,
Let me tell you even more,
About this fantastic nature laundry product:
As pioneers in the field of effective and ecological products, 
Ecover’s processes are designed 
To achieve maximum effectiveness and sustainability. 

The green roof of Ecover’s ecological factory is over 6000m² 
And is covered with green plants, 
Creating a safe habitat for birds and insects 
And proves to be great insulation throughout the year. 

So clean with peace of mind!

Ecover has ecological factories in Belgium and France.

The factory roof is nature itself….
And helps us cut down on heating 
And air conditioning all year round.  

Looks nice too, huh?

The fact is that,
Not only the factory is nice..
The products are even superb!~

The 3 winners,
Which are selected by, via rafflecopter,
Are going to receive~~~
Fantastic Ecover product,
In their doorstep very very soon......

One (1) Non-Bio Laundry Liquid 1L for Ivy

One (1) Fabric Conditioner 750ml for Yeoh

One (1) Delicate 1L for Shirley

The Winners are:
Ivy, Yeoh & Shirley!~

You'd won Ecover 
For your parents' 7th grandson 
Even before he's born!~
This little bundle of joy,
Will surely bring lots and lots of luck,
For you and your family!~

Wait for your Ecover products,
And discover the magic in Ecover!~
I bet you'll be amazed, 
With the change in your hands 
Even after laundry job is done....

No worries,
Ecover is on the way,
To assist you with your piled up laundry task!~

I'm 100% sure,
You'll love this products,
As much as we do!~

Happy trying!!!!!
And after trying,
Don't forget 
To introduce this new brand 
To your friends and family, too!~

1 comment:

calivy said...

Thank you...thank you....cant wait for the baby arrival ..lets see who reach my doorstep first, baby or Ecover?

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