Thursday, September 11, 2014

Future Card Buddy Fight

Future Card Buddy Fight,
Originated from Japan..
A Japanese collectible card game,
Created by Bushiroad...

It's released on January 2014,
Anime airs on TV2,
Every Saturday @ 8:30am,
And Astro Channel 612 Nickelodeon,
 Every Sunday @ 9:30 am

Mummy thought it's a card game,
Not so suitable for me,
Little did she knows...
She got wrong perspective on the card...
Don't get scared away by the word:
As it's not violence at all!~

Pretty staff from Buddyfight local distributor,
Taught us how to play the card....

The card game actually,
Enhance quality family bonding time...

It encourages interaction among children and parents,
It's all about Socializing~~~

It encourages the children to learn more about the game,
It's all about reading..

It encourages children to add basic sums..
It's all about Math...

It also encourages children to think of a variety of ways,
To win their opponent..
It's all about Strategy...

I actually don't care so much,
About what's the benefit...

My opinion?
It's easy to learn,
And fun to play...
That's the most important part...

You may purchase the cards,
At the list of shops in this link...
Card shops can teach players,
On how to play for FREE,
And each player will receive
A Trial Play Deck,
Except for Thunder Match outlets...


Admin T.H said...

nice bonding time with family

kristine said...

im surprised that its not as complicated as it seems haha my son loves this game and this post is really helpful to educate me on it.

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