Monday, November 17, 2014

Wall's Paddle Pop & Legoland Malaysia Resort - Biggest Painting Assembled by Children

Wall's Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia,
Would like to celebrate...
World Children's Day 2014,
With a unique activity,
To truly celebrate kids being kids...

Shawn Tan,
Category Head of Wall's Ice Cream,
Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd said...
"World Children's Day reminds us that,
We need to create opportunities for kids,
To grow up naturally -
With pleasure, excitement,
Exploration, imagination
And boundless energy!"

Opening ceremony....

It's indeed a very unique and meaningful way..
To celebrate World Children's Day 2014...

The group of children,
Whom maybe busier than ever.
Their schedules are usually,
Filled with school, tuition classes,
And enrichment classes,
Such as piano, art and dance classes.
Childhood pastimes,
Are increasingly moving indoor,
With electronic gadgets
Like television, computers and mobile devices..

In light of this,
Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia Resort,
Joined hands to bring the outdoor fun experience,
To these children...

We're among,
The very first group of children...
To start the record breaking:
Malaysia Book of Record's
The Biggest Painting Assembled by Children!"

Me and my siblings,
Are 3 very proud little kiddos!~
To be able to join this wonderful event...
And leave our hand prints and art work,
Together with our imagination and creativity,
In this special event!

"I'm extremely thrilled that,
Wall's Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia Resort,
Have broken the Malaysia Book of records,
With 725 children's drawing....
Measuring 40.26 feet by 24.7 feet!
While spreading awareness of..
"Let Kids be Kids"

The breaking of record symbolizes the pledge by kids,
To have fun while they are still kids,
Which is inspired by Paddle Pop's brand core belief of
"Let Kids Be Kids", Shawn added...

Legoland are happy to collaborate with Paddle POp,
Under CSR Programme of Merlin Magic Wand,
To celebrate World Children's Day,
With this fantastic record-breaking activity.
The painting will be display,
In Legoland Resort,
As a beautiful reminder of children and their parents,
On the importance of balancing studies and having fun outdoors...
Said Mark Germyn, General Manager of Legoland Malaysia Resort..

During World Children's Day activity,
Over 400 underprivileged children,
From the orphanages in Johor,
Were treated to a fun and exciting theme park experience,
In Legoland Malaysia Resort...

For more information on Paddle Pop,
Please log on to
For more information on Legoland Malaysia Resort,


Unknown said...

Wow this sounds like an amazing place and a huge well done to all involved that it fab x

FX777222999 said...

Children's Day gives people a quality time just for children.In the whole world, children are the gems of life. They should be treated properly and be loved.

Alissa said...

I've been to Malaysia but never been to legoland. :( it would be fun plus knowing that kids can make such a big painting is quite interesting.

Unknown said...

Having just been in Malaysia, we did not have time to go to Legoland which was a real bummer ! Never too old for Lego !

Franc said...

This is a really nice way to give underprivileged kid. They would surely cherish the legoland experience.

Unknown said...

Paddle pop is so much a childhood brand and memory... ice-cream with rainbow colour! Love it when it's back out in the media again!

Jason P. said...

Such an amazing event! I hope something like this happens in Manila someday! :)

May De Jesus-Palacpac said...

Legoland is one of our son's dream places to go to.

I'm glad for a world that acknowledges that children have rights and we must all be aware of it.

RUSS said...

There's nothing like being a kid - a happy kid. I'm certain all the children who participated in this event had a blast. I like how Paddle Pop and Legoland Malaysia worked together for such a good cause.

Fred Said said...

Are these poor kids? Always to good to make a child smile or give food to address his hunger.

Angelo said...

It was nice to see the children happy and smiling as they celebrated the World's Children Day! Congratulations on a successful event!

Gillian Ong said...

everything seems awesome ! :p makes me can't wait to have kids so i can attend this

So Random Chelle said...

It is quite true. Children are now, more often, bombarded with school works & activities not allowing them to enjoy their life as kids anymore. Here in the Philippines, grade school students rarely have time to bond with their parents because of too many homeworks. It's good that Legoland encouraged parents to help parents know how to help their children balance that. :)

Khushboo said...

That is such a wonderful initiative by the resort. The photos look amazing :)

Suzanne said...

We are huge lego fans and love to see it in any size! Those kids must have had a wonderful time with the painting..

Aiza said...

Bring kids outdoors! I am a 90's kid and I hope kids nowadays can experience the same childhood that my batch had -- outdoorsy games all throughout the afternoon and into the night.

Loudthinkin said...

That sounds like such a fun event.. truth is event celebrates childhood! Congratulations to all those kids who together broke record!

Eliz Frank said...

I'm always impressed by what the LEGO folk are doing around the world for children. It's exciting and educational.

elanakhong said...

So happy lil prince enjoy with the siblings. Celebrated Children's Day with a different this year :D

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