Monday, November 3, 2014

Dugrostar Roadshow @ Sunway Pyramid

Attended Durgostar Roadshow.....
In Sunway Pyramid..
Last weekend...

Immediately in the entrance area,
Mr Clown is giving away balloons...

I'll tell you more..
About what's fun activities we played,
In Durgostar Roadshow in details..
Since I'd experienced it last weekend...

Dugrostar Beat!
It's all about accurate beat...
I get to be a little drummer,
And hit the drum
With the most accurate beat I could...

Dugrostar Celebrity!
We turned ourselves,
In the celebrities of the town...
By choosing and wearing any attires provided...
Snap a cool photo as Dugrostar Celebrity,
And get our photo totally free of charge!
Thank you, Dumex Dugro!~

Dugrostar Creative!
Having fun time,
Playing around with colourful sand art...

Dugrostar Jump!
Slide in and jump around,
In the pool full of balls!
This is super duper fun!~

Dugrostar Steps..
It's all about practicing our dancing steps...
To excel in the stage in future..

Dugrostar Style,
Get the best makeover aka. face art....
Just sit back and relax,
The make up artist will do everything for the star!~

Dugrostar Studio is on air...
For those whom miss out to be Dugrostar,
This is your last chance,
Show your talent inside the studio,
And Dugro staff will do the rest for you!~
Another chance to win cash prize of RM1000!~

Had fun reading my post,
But regret that
You didn't show up,
In the roadshow last weekend?

Don't worry,
Head over to KSL City Mall JB,
Mahkota Parade, Malacca
And 1 Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu...
This coming weekend!~
For Dugrostar Roadshow!!!

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Small Kucing said... was fun :)

nice meeting you there

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