Monday, April 6, 2015

Inauguration Day - Kidzania Congrezz 2015

It's Inauguration Day..
For Kidzania CongreZZ 2015!~

If you're wondering...
CongreZZ is the legislative governmental body of Kidzania,
That is overseen by 20 children..
(Also referred to as CongreZZ Kids)
Who are its elected representatives and naturalised citizens...

Voted into office,
Kidzania CongreZZ congregates quarterly,
At the city level,
To share ideas and voice opinios,
In order to keep Kidzania's spirit alive,
Current and socially relevant..

The purpoes and intent of these meetings,
Are to benefit the KidZanian community,
By discussing topics,
Such as media, entertainment,
Education, literature,
As well as sharing the main concerns,
Of tourists and citizens of Kidzania...

First introduced to Kidzania's Kuala Lumpur 2014,
CongreZZ kids are required to serve Kidzani,
For a period of one year....

CongreZZ Kids 2014,
Performing KidZania's Dance!~

I'm truly amazed,
By seeing how amazing,
These Congrezz Kids are!~
I truly enjoyed their performance!~
And then,
I was sitting next to the CongreZZ Kids 2014..
In my audience seat....
Even though it's just a short period of,
Getting in touch with them,
I'm truly impressed,
With the way they expressed themselves...
One word to describe these kids:

As for 2015,
The new election campaign,
Attracted over 260 application...
And only 20 candidates were elected,
After a rigorous selection process,
That includes resume and video submissions,
Face-to-face interviews,
And finally an electoral campaign,
Run in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur,
For the people's vote!~

Welcome note by Susanah Abdul Rani,
Governor of Kidzania Malaysia and Singapore...

Momento Presentation Ceremony,
To CongreZZ Kids 2014...

I'm really sure being a CongreZZ Kid,
Is really something to be really proud of....

Proudly present....
CongreZZ Kids 2015,
At Oath Recital Ceremony...

The 20 outstanding children,
Whom are judged based on,
Their exemplary aptitude,
In areas of education,
Communication skills,
Sociability, creativity,
Respectfullness, articulation,
As well as overall personality attributes,
By the panel of judges,
Whose expertise cover the fields of education,
Training and marketing!~

One of the CongreZZ Kids,
Sigining CongreZZ Act!~

The CongreZZ Act!~

Inauguration Day,
For Congrezz Kids 2015,
Together with VIPs!~

Official Launch of Kidzania CongreZZ 2015....
By Yang Berbahagia Dato' Haji Ahmad Tajudin bin Jab,
The Deputy Director-General of Education (Education Operations)

YM Tunku Dato Ahmad Burhanuddin,
MD and CEO of Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn Bhd...
Annoucing great news for CongreZZ Kids 2014 & 2015!~

Closing performance: 
Drum performance...
By Kidzania Kuala Lumpur.

Kidzania Congrezz 2015,
Parade-ing around Kidzania KL...

Media Q&A...
That makes me extra looking forward...
For the Grand Opening of....
Kidzania Singapore...

For more information,
Log on to,
Or call Kidzania CareLine at 1800 88 KIDZ (5439)
Or connected through fb
Or tweet @KidzaniaKL

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oyhz said...

That's an interesting share. Have not heard of a legislative governmental body overseen by children.

Little Miss Honey said...

wow, this is very interesting... But this a nice way of training kids to be leaders

Danessa Foo said...

Oh wow!! Ran by kids... you are right, the are awesome!

Little Clouds of Thought said...

What a cool concept, preparing kids for responsibility at such a young age

Pooja Kawatra said...

Beautifully captured and kidzania is favourite among the kids . Now waiting for kidzania Singapore !!

Unknown said...

It's amazing how you can write so many posts on one single topic of Kidzania! I must have read and commented on at least 3-4 of them!

Unknown said...

Cool kids, looks like they're having a blast at the event! Thanks for sharing.

Sim @ said...

I love the idea that kids get a say in it all and have their own little congress - super cute! Sim x

I am Sheing said...

Very informative. Thanks for sharing this post as this is the first time I heard of Kidzania.

Fred Said said...

Interesting how these kids are joining these kinds of activities so young. When I was young, we just played games in the playgrounds.

Loudthinkin said...

Kidzania us a great idea! It impressive how these kids are being so responsible and handling these activities!

Unknown said...

What exactly does the Congrezz do? Do they get to create new programs for Kidzania?

Franc said...

After the rigorous process, Being part of Kidzania congrezz would be an awesome experience for them. Congrats to them too.

papaleng said...

This is one event that kids' talents are put to challenge. Hoping that Kidzania will hold a bigger event next year.

eliz frank said...

I've heard lots of great things about this organization. Kudos to them for all their efforts.

Daphne Benosa said...

I love institutions that promote the well-being and talents of children. This must have been a really wonderful event. :)

elanakhong said...

Another Kidzania? Cool... Lucky for the Singaporean.

Amanda Love said...

How cool is that? What a great way for the kids to get involved in the community. I love it!

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