Thursday, July 9, 2015

Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon 2.0

Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon,
Is back..
And it's bigger and better than ever!~

Participating celebrities:
Peter Davis,
Tony Eusoff,
Mark O'Dea,
Gary Yap,
Jason Phang,
DJ Lin,
Steve Yap,
Ian Ong,
Brian Chen,
Cindy Chen,
Winson Voon,
Angeline Ooi,
Jess Cheng,
Hana Teo,
Terry Ong,
Azura Zainal,
Annie Wong,
John Oh...

Warm up session...

On how to work out...

Indoor Fitathlon,
Is inspired by the Celebrity Fitness Signature Class,
Fast Fit,
Which is designed,
To increase strength,
In core muscles.

Participants will pair up,
With celebrities,
In a relay workout session..
And battle it out,
To be the fitness champion..

 Spin the wheel...

On of the sponsor:

The 1st runner up,
Of the Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon 2.0,
Shirley Chan,
And her celebrity partner,
John Oh..

Meet the champion,
Of the Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon 2.0,
Katherine Lloyd,
And her celebrity partner,
Ian Ong...

Congratulations to the winners!


Sebrinah Yeo said...

Salute to the winners! It takes alot of effort to keep up and keep in shape hehe

Diana Maridie said...

Now this reminds me to start working out back! The winners looks so fit too :D

Isabel said...

Omg side plank. I can't even do normal plank! LOL

Miriam said...

You went for the event? Cool event with so many celebrities. Keeping fit is important :)


Aliza Sara said...

So many fitness celebrities in one location! haha. cool event!


Leona Lim said...

Looks like fun...did you get to join the activities with the celebs

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Cool! I should join you guys! Love fitness event so much but never get invited LOL

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Wow, the event was huge! Good to see more ppl are into exercise :)

Sharon Lee said...

Awesome event! Did you join celebrity fitness also? Congrats for all the winners!


Sin Yee said...

Seriously, workout isn't easy. Congrats to the winner

Betty's Journey said...

I was there and I impress with the instructor. The participant was so excited and they dance with the music.

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