Sunday, June 19, 2016

Millennium Falcon For Legoland Star Wars Day

Since we contributed,
A little part in...
Building The World Largest Millennium Falcon...

We surely wanna peep...
How the outcome is..
When it's fully completed...
By the world's only fahter and son,
Master Builder duo,
Dan and Chris Steininger,
Who built the replica of the Lego Millenium Falcon,
From scratch...

The world's largest replica of the Lego Millenium Falcon,
Was set to be built,
In Legoland Malaysia Resort,
Over the period of 3 days,
From 30 April to 2 May,
With the final brick placed on 3 May 2016..

There are more than 200,000 Lego Bricks were used,
To build the Lego Millennium Falcon,
With the dimensions of 16ft (4.8m) long and 12ft (3.6m) wide..
It took the master builder duo,
Nearly over 30 hours over 3 days,
To complete the model...

Simply impressive,
Don't you think so?

Despite her humble origins,
And shabby exterior,
The Millennium Falcon,
Has played a role,
In some of the greatest victories,
Of the Rebel Alliance,
And the New Republic.

A succession of ownders,
From Lando Calrissian and Han Solo,
To Gannies Ducain,
Have made special modifications,
That boosted the freighter's speed,
Shielding and firepower to impressive,
And downright illegal levels...
She's beloved by her owners - 
Han Solo and Chewbacca,
Have spent years searching the galaxy,
For the ship they once called home...

The blue light...
Increase the coolness..
Of the masterpiece...

With the details of the logos...

I wonder which part of it..
Is contributed by us...
But we're really honoured..
To be part of this wonderful building project!~

Together with Millenium Falcon,
Is this TIE Fighter:
An unforgettable symbol..
Of the Imperial fleet...
Carried abroad Star Destroyers,
And battle stations,
TIE Fighters were single-pilot vehicles,
Designed for fast-paced dogfights,
Against Rebel X-wings..
And other startighters...

The iconic TIE fighter,
Led to other models in the TIE family,
Including the dagger-shaped TIE Interceptor,
And the explosive-laden TIE Bomber.
The terrifying roar of the TIE's engines,
Would strike fear into the hearts,
Of all enemies of the Empire..

Come and peep the amazing masterpiece,
At Pizza Mania, Legoland..
As they already extended the display period,
Until end of June 2016...

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Millennium Falcon For Legoland Star Wars Day


Mia Foo said...

only 2 person managed to complete that using 200k lego bricks?! wow, that's a feat isn't it?

Debbie Gilbey said...

Cool photos and an awesome project to be part of no matter how small. Your genuine excitement really shines through.

Franc said...

This one is really impressive. I'm a big lego and Star Wars fan.

Elizabeth O. said...

That's just simply amazing and it's really nice to be able to be part of this lovely project! I wish I have the chance to see it in person as well. I'm sure the geek in me will rejoice!

mail4rosey said...

That's a lot of Lego bricks! I do love this kind of thing. :)

Unknown said...

A real awesome project to be part of no matter how small,the pics are really great.Thanks for sharing.

Fred Said said...

The huge Lego structure is impressive display of patience. Even small Lego pieces are not easy to put together. The feeling of achievement must have been so fulfilling after they finished this.

Zwitsy said...

I really love lego. Ever since I was a kid, I find this particular toy simply amazing up to now. And so far, nothing has beaten the idea of this toy. See, you can create different image out from using lego bricks and to prove it, simply this awesome lego millennium falcon!

Shub said...

Wow!! This is truly awesome...Lego guys keep on coming up with such initiatives .

Danessa Foo said...

That's an impressive accomplishment. And kudos for being a part of the Lego Star Wars structure construction!

Bhushavali said...

There's something called Starwars craze and there's something called Legoland craze and this is the kingpin of it all!!

Unknown said...

Wow, that's huge! I'm surprised you didn't do a human comparison to show people the difference in size!

Rebecca Laurel said...

My son loves LEGO AND Starwars. He would go crazy over this! This looks like an awesome exhibit every adult would enjoy too!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Wow I wish to go to Legoland this year end when on my way to Singapore.

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