Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hot Wheels First Southeast Asia Epic Championship for moms and sons

Hot Wheels challengers,
From 6 countries across Southeast Asia,
For championship to compete,
For the first Hot Wheels Champion title..
And Hot Wheels prizes up to USD 2,000...

Every little Hot Wheels challenger and his moms,
Will have to embrace 3 different challenge zones:
Challenger Zones, Track Builder Zone and Epic Loop Zone..
During the finale...
Which is designed,
To test skills, precision and teamwork...

At Mattel,
A mom plays a pivotal role and figure,
In nurturing her child's development...

Hot Wheels die-cast vehicles and track sets,
Are great choices for boys,
To see and embrace challenges,
Through imaginative and creative play.
Teaches and nurtures the child,
To navigate around challenges,
To achieve limitless possibilities...

Influencer friendly match between celebrities,
Dr Jezamine Iskander and son Zander Xayne Iskander,
Shaine Wong and song, Tan Jacob..

Prize giving ceromony..
Group photo,
Together with Mr Ivan Franco,
Country Manager,
Mattel Southeast Asia...

For more information,
Visit http://hotwheels.mattel.my


Renuka said...

Where is this taking place? Or is it over. Sounds very interesting even though I have a really small baby girl. But growing up I was a huge fan of hot wheels

Annie said...

This looks like such a fun time, even for me as an adult, haha! :)

Annie said...

Seems like such a great bonding experience to have with your children. Looks super fun too!

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