Tuesday, January 10, 2017

CEFL - Speech & Drama

Attending Cambridge English For Life's
Holiday Programme...
Speech & Drama...

It's a 5 days programme,
Monday to Friday,
At Bandar Mahkota Cheras's centre...
And the last day is gonna be performance day!~

This programme focus on..
THe process of learning creative drama skills.
Instead of producing flawless performances....

It's a fun learning class,
Whereby we play games and enjoy....
Without even realizing..
We're actually warming up..
For physical activity...

Kids will feel truly comfortable,
And no pressure at all..
During the whole course....
And it challenged their creative abilities,
Coordination, teamwork and quick thinking..
As well as problem-solving skills...

The course activities include:
Mime - the basic, physical actions, expressions, animals and objects
Reading - applying movement and sound to stories and nursery rhymes
Singing - breathing right and singing with movement
Talk - sharing about lives in 'show and tell' session
Drama - bringing story book scenes to life
Improvision - performing impromptu scenes
Readers theatre - using their voices to breath life into characters while reading from script..

I'm pretty impressed that..
At the end of the course,
Little prince able to perform so confidently!~
It's indeed a superb holiday course for him!~

It's a pity that...
CEFL's A Hero's Journey is cancelled...
But luckily...
Still be able to spend his holiday wonderfully...

For more info on fun courses,
At Cambridge English for Life,
Hop over to their facebook page now!~


John said...

This sounds like an excellent class!

ance antovska said...

Very interesting great way our kids to have fun and education I liked very much!Thanks for the info.

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