Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Executive Lounge ON 23 @ Pearl International Hotel

Had a very luxury breakfast,
At Executive Lounge on 23,
In Pearl International Hotel...

The environment inside...
Is so classy and luxury...
Super duper comfortable...

It makes us feels like...
We're successful business people...
To dine in such a lovely place...

The view above,
Is fantastic...
High up from Level 23.....


Our breakfast set:
Malaysian Set
With Nasi Lemak:
Coconut rice,
Boiled egg,
Cucumber and sambal..

Sliced seasonal fresh cut fruit,
Together with choice of coffee, hot chocolate or milk,
Or choice of freshly chilled orange or guava juice...

Chinese Breakfast set:
Assorted Dim Sum,
Wok-Fried Egg noodles with Shallots
Plain Congee with spring onions, soya sauce and fried shallots..
Plus chinese tea...

Basket of freshly baked pastries,
Choice of cereal with milk,
Sliced seasonal fresh cut fruit,
Together with choice of coffee, hot chocolate or milk,
Or choice of freshly chilled orange or guava juice...

Unlimited access to Executive Lounge ON 23,
Is one of the benefit,
If you're Pearl International Hotel's
Platinum Plus Member....
The memberships come along,
With lots of card benefits like:
Complimentary 2D1N stay in Pearl Premier Room
Complimentary One Bottle of Red / White wine
Complimentary birthday cake
Complimentary Celebration Cake (For Founder members only)
Complimentary One Tea Time Set at Executive Lounge ON 23
Complimentary One  Cocktail Hour Set at Executive Lounge ON 23
Complimentary International Weekend Hi-Tea for Two at Cafe 5
Complimentary Buffet Dinner of your choice for Two at Cafe 5
Complimentary Extension of one year membership for any celebration,
held at Executive Lounge ON 23
And many more priviledge...
Membership fee for one year - RM500+

Pearl International Hotel
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-7983 1111
Fax: 603-7983 2211
Email: inquiry@pearl.com.my

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R said...

Wow! I love the feeling of being in a classy hotel with decadent food. Also, seeing a pleasant view outside will help enhance the ambiance.

Franc said...

The view above is definitely fantastic. They also have great food choices and privileges here.

Katrina Centeno said...

I remember that I wanted to buy cereal this afternoon and decided not to because I think we have enough for breakfast. Now, I am thinking of cereal again when I saw you picture of it.

Jason P. said...

This totally got me craving for some Malaysian food! Everything looks awesome and the ambiance is great! :D

Bhushavali said...

Food looks great!!! Breakfast buffet at luxury hotels is always awesome with a good mix of rich food, healthy food, vegan etc that caters to all!!!

The Graceful Mist said...

Your breakfast included coconut rice. I wonder how that tastes like. Pearl International Hotel seems like a very nice place with good accommodations.

❀ Grace ❀

Raine Pal said...

Once in my life, I experienced a life like this. This was during the Miss Teen Philippines that we organized and we need to transfer from one famous hotel to another very famous hotel. It was amazing to stay in a classy and expensive hotel...for me it was my superb life experience I will never forget.

Elizabeth O. said...

There are many complimentary freebies in that hotel. I agree that it is luxurious and feels like successful people hang out there.

Fred Said said...

Hotel food is usually classy but comes with a price of course. For special occasions with your loved ones, it is worth the price.

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