Thursday, January 4, 2018

Money saving tips with MaPEMcard

Money saving tips,
For smart Malaysians...

1. Coupon hunting
2. Reward programs
3. Free trials
4. Discounts
5. Avoid bank fees
6. Pack lunch to work
7. Use cashback products
8. Bring water bottle everywhere
9. Sell things that no longer using
10. Compare and calculate before buying

Last but not least,
Ultimately becoming...
An agent / agency of..

The MaPEM Mastercard program,
Is a program created by MAPEM,
In collaboration with MPAY Sdn Bhd.
Users can now purchase, send,
And transfer their money online,
By using MPAY Application..

MaPEM Prepaid Mastercard,
Is a technology that focuese on facilities,
For Malaysian as well as foreigners,
In managing their money better and wisely.
Only with the touch of finger now,
The users can transfer, buy,
And also manage their money conveniently,
And more efficiently.

For more information,
Hop over to:


Bhushavali said...

That sounds interesting. Good to know its also for foreigners!!!

Elizabeth O said...

This sounds like a good idea and really easy to use. I really like the tips for money saving too, I tend to try and take a water bottle everywhere with me too :)

Unknown said...

Wow, that is really convenient. Things with payments keep getting easier and easier!

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