Thursday, August 2, 2018

Red Seal - The Science of Nature

Red Seal Natural Toothpaste,
Allows us to have,
A more natural and safer brushing experience..

Speech by Anthony Robinson,
International Director of Endeavour Consumer Health...

A very informative sharing session,
By Michelle Irving,
Naturopath of Endeavour Consumer Health

Consumer sharing session...
On Red Seal Toothpaste...

Red Seal natural toothpaste,
Comes in total 5 varieties:

The signature is Natural Toothpaste:
Combination of 12 herbs and extracts,
To help remineralization and killing off the bacteria,
To prevent tooth decay and plaque formation.
It has a mild, minty pleasant taste,
Is suitable for the whole family.

Natural SLS Free Toothpaste,
For individuals who are ulcer-prone,
It is free-of-Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
It provides gentle protection on the mucosa layer,
Suitable for people who wear teeth braces.

Baking Soda Toothpaste,
Used to remove stains naturally,
Suitable for coffee and tea drinkers,
It has also been used as natural teeth whitener.

Propolis Toothpaste,
100% New Zealand bee propolis,
With antiseptic and antibacterial properties,
Ideal for sufferers of gingivitis and sensitive gums.

Natural Kids Toothpaste for little ones.
The taste is enhanced with real banana and peach flavours!
The great taste encourages the kids,
To brush their teeth,
Without having to worry about,
The risk of swallowing harful chemicals.

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Kristen Ann Kirk said...

I've never tried a natural toothpaste, this is pretty cool. The variety of flavors is awesome.

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