Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tony Roma's Fortune Feast

Feast on Fortune and
Having a Yee Sang Tossing...
At Tony Roma's...

According to tradition,
Tossing yee sang welcomes good luck,
Prosperity, health and all things auspicious..
The higher you toss,
The more good fortune is in store!

Tony Roma's very own version of Ong Lai Salad,
Is part of the Fortune Feast menu...
Prosperity Salad with Grilled Salmon...

Wealthy Salad with Baby Octopus..

I love both of it..
So juicy, so freshy, so crunchy!~

Fresh salad mix,
juicy pineapple, carrot
Crisp cucumber,
Citrusy fresh pomelo,
Crispy fried wonton skin,
Chunky roasted walnut...
And the meat of your choice,
Served with flavorful sweet onions vinaigrette..

Fortune Feast menu,
Offers festive dishes,
Including Reunion meal:
Full slab of flame-grilled lamb ribs,
With half BBQ chicken,
And Half signature Kickin' Shrimp,
Served with 4 side dishes..

The Buddy Meal,
Which consists of 2 well-seasoned,
Grilled lamb shoulder,
With half a BBQ chicken served..

Love the aroma of the meat..
Very well marinated and super juicy!
The chicken is big portion,
Even it's just half of it...
Very yummy and delicious!~

The 4 side dishes!~
Extra star for the potato croquette!
Just fit my taste bud..

If you're bored with tradisional chinese food,
This Chinese New Year...
Tony Roma's is a great choice to dine in for CNY!

For more information,
Hop over to Tony Roma's Facebook

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