Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Silka Lunar New Year Culinary Delights

This Lunar New Year,
Having a great culinary delights,
At Silka Hotel, Cheras..

Salmon Yee Sang,
3 days advance reservation required...
Call: +603-9100 1133 (Silka Cheras)

If you wish to dine in Silka Maytower KL,
With the same menu,
Kindly call +603-2692 9298 for reservation..

2 options of choices available..
Golden Treasures OR Rising Phoenix Menu...

Both menu starts with,
3 types of Hot & Cold Combination..
A great start for a mouthful of yummy foodie!

Braised seafood with crab meat soup..
Truly warm up my tummy..
Love the aroma of the soup so much!
Crispy roasted chicken,
With Prawn crackers...

The chicken is nicely roasted..

Roasted chicken with Thai Sauce,
The spicy sourly taste of the thai sauce,
Making the chicken extra tasty!

Steamed red snapper teochew style..
Very aromatic...
Fishy are very freshy, too!

Steamed seabass with soy sauce...
Simple and truly express out the freshness of the fish!

Mushroom braised with taukan, taufoo and broccoli..
Very great combination..
The broccolli blends so well with all the accompaniment..

Mixed mushroom with Siew Pak Choy!~
Truly mouthwatering!

Fried rice with chicken ham for golden treasure menu;
Fried rice with cubed seafood for rising phoenix menu..

Chinese pancake...
The kaya inside the pancake..
Blends so well inside the crispy skin!~
Truly yummilicious!

Last but not least,
Iced longan sea coconut..
Truly refreshing drink,
After a mouthful of yummy food!~

For more details,
Visit Silka Cheras's website,

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