Sunday, September 29, 2019

TheAsianParent APP

Southeast Asia's largest parenting portal,
With a monthly network reach of,
More than 25 million users,
Celebrated the official launch of their featured app...

Designed to support the journey of today's Asian parents,
TheAsianParent app speaks to the different stages of an Asian mum's journey,
From conception to pregnancy to breastfeeding,
To ultimately raising happy, healthy and confident children..

Opening notes by,
Adrian Watkins,
Chief Strategy Officer of Tickled Media..

App Introduction by
Ayu Idris,
Head of Content of TheAsianParent Malaysia.

Digital Mum's 2019 Survey Presentation,
By Serina Sue Ibrahim,
Deputy Country Manager of,
TheAsianParent Malaysia..

Panel Session moderated by
LezAnn Chong...

Together with:
Eddy Han,
Country General Manager,
ShopBack Malaysia.

Serina Sue Ibrahim,
Deputy Country Manager of
TheAsian Parent Malaysia..

Dena Bahrain,
Content Creator.

For more information,
Check out the website at
Or follow TheAsianParent on Facebook and Instagram

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