Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Boat Noodle Tapau Je

Now I can enjoy Boat Noodle comfortably and safely at home..
With Tapau Je.....

Special thanks to Boat Noodle,
Whom just officiates Tapau Je,
A drive to establish a brand new approach,
For consumers to consider F&B delivery,
As well as restaurant take away...

All menu items,
Including appetisers, tradisional rice sets,
Drinks, desserts and especially boat noddles,
Are available for order on Grab and Foodpanda nationwide..
From Klang Valley and beyond,
orders are available through http://tapauje.boatnoodle.com.my

The good news:
New user are entitled to a 10% discount,
On first visit first order...

Happy happy...

The humble bowl of Kuai Tiao Ruea, 
Or Thai boat noodles,
Is popular delicacy in Thailand,
And Malaysians have jumped on the trend...

Stacks of bowls have been seen dominating the local social media sphere,
For the past couple of years owing to the uniqueness of its small portion,
And the many bowls one can stack...

Due to popular demand,
Boat Noodle acknowledges their customers,
Which is me and you and everyone out there,
With growing insistence through social media,
Hence committed to a solution,
To bring the best of their dishes to all..

Tapau Je introduces a similar experience,
Of enjoying soup noodles,
And more in a carefully packed bento set..

Cha Keow Yen + Cha Yen...

The noodles in brothy flavours of Ayutthaya and Pathumthani,
Both of Boat noodles's signature authentic boat noddle soup,
Can be enjoyed by one and many in 3 methods:

1. On The Move 
While still warm,
Open t he packaging and pour your broth,
Directly into the bento provided,
With no worry or fuss for dishware...
Can fill the ingredients within a bowl if desired...

I like this easy and lazy method the most..

2. When in the office..
Easily microwave the soup noodles in a bowl,
For hearty lunch or dinner.

3. Cooking within the comfort of home.
To add a little personal experience,
The noodles can be reheated on a stove,
With medium heat and seasoned to your own liking..

For more info,
Visit the official website:


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