Thursday, February 25, 2021

How To Find A Suitable Golf Coach

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Are you looking for guidelines on how to find a suitable golf coach in Klang Valley or are you deciding to get golf lessons in the near future? No matter if you are just starting to play golf or you are looking for a golf coach who can guide you to a higher level, getting yourself a right golf coach is important which will affect your golf skill and golf experience directly. 

Hence, we are here to assist you to find a suitable golf coach for yourself. 

Remember these important factors before choosing a golf coach:

  • Timing of the golf lessons 

This is important for you to research especially if you are planning to play golf for the long term. Be clear on the timing of the golf lessons and the terms and conditions.

  • Private or group lessons

Everyone has different learning methods and budget. Private golf lessons are more personalised and tailored, but at a higher cost. Group lessons are usually a good and cheaper way to learn golf

  • Reputation of the golf academy

This is the first and most important thing to check prior to engaging their golf coach. Make sure they are experienced and are professional. 

  • Choose your preferable gender of golf coach

There are obvious physiological differences between men and women based on an individual’s preference as some are more inclined to have lessons with a coach of the same gender.

  • Trial lessons are available

This can let you get to know the golf coach better before deciding further. After your first golf lesson with the golf coach has ended, you can decide based on the comfortability with the golf coach and how fun the golf lesson is. Besides, attending a trial lesson prepares you for future lessons. 


Record than the one which you think has potential. In addition, not forget to get some feedback from friends or other people who have taken lessons from them in the past.

Do contact Golf Pebble for more information if you are looking for a reliable golf academy in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. They have specialised golf lessons for beginner level onwards by their dedicated golf pros.

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