Monday, January 15, 2024

Elegance meets Innovation: Empro redefines Beauty by unveiling Spacelift Face Booster

Empro, a beacon of innovation and elegance in the beauty sphere, proudly unveils a groundbreaking advancement in skincare with the official soft launch of the SpaceLift Face Booster. Nestled within the heart of Mid Valley Megamall's Centre Court, this momentous occasion marks a convergence of elegance, innovation, and a shared commitment to timeless beauty.

The SpaceLift Face Booster is the epitome of a lifting solution—a harmonious fusion of botanical artistry and scientific brilliance, intricately designed to turn back the hands of time. SpaceLift defies conventional math with a formula where 1 + 1 equals 5: 1-second Penetration, 1-minute Lifting, 5-minute lifted results. Its special pattern technology is curated to precisely deliver nutrients and revitalizers, extending cell life and orchestrating a reversal and restoration of your skin's aging and premature aging processes. This exquisite formula seamlessly marries science with the potent magic of 12 key botanical elements, concocted in Japan into one ultimate solution. Its meticulously-curated blend offers a symphony of benefits—Immediate Lifting, Firming, Quick Absorption, Anti-Aging prowess, Hydration, and Antioxidants—all working harmoniously to minimize wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation, while providing protection against UV damage and puffiness.

Within the realm of the SpaceLift ritual resides simplicity. Without disrupting your daily routine, a spritz of SpaceLift after a thorough face cleanse unveils its patented technology, boasting extremely small water molecules based on hydrogen atoms. This design expertly delivers nutrients to the areas that need them most, providing exceptional permeability and antioxidant properties. The integration of SpaceLift into your existing skincare routine becomes a graceful journey toward rejuvenated skin. For optimal results, indulge in this labor of love twice daily, embracing the morning and evening prowess of the SpaceLift Face Booster.

The official soft launch of SpaceLift transcended a mere product introduction. It heralded a celebration of partnership and collaboration, witnessed by esteemed figures including the Deputy Director of Export Promotion & Market Access and Head of Sustainability from Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), Edison Choong Wan Sern, along with representatives from Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), and other dignitaries. His esteemed presence as the leading officer in sustainability underscored the significance of this launch, affirming Empro's dedication to fostering global alliances in the pursuit of excellence as well as sustainable trade.

Choong remarked, “Empro's involvement in ESG practices goes beyond borders. The development of SpaceLift adheres to ethical sourcing of ingredients, supporting fair labor practices and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. This commitment echoes Malaysia's dedication to responsible trade, aligning with global efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future.”
This prestigious event boasted not only the unveiling of a revolutionary skincare gem but also a delightful performance by award-winning songstress, Aina Abdul. Her captivating melodies harmonized effortlessly with the elegance and sophistication that define the SpaceLift Face Booster experience, transforming the soft launch into an immersive celebration of beauty and grace.
The signing ceremony with strategic partners that followed during the launch further solidifies Empro's commitment to expanding the reach of this transformative elixir. Basing its global distribution in Japan, coupled with strategic partnerships with Watsons Malaysia and Sasa Malaysia for enhanced domestic retail availability, Empro ensures that the SpaceLift Face Booster is accessible to a wider audience both here and abroad.
“We’ve teamed up with global partners and right now, SpaceLift is available in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, India, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, and Belgium. We’re confident more countries will join soon,” Empro’s founder, Prof. Dr. Coco Alex Yeoh said in his speech.
Embrace this pivotal moment as Empro redefines the beauty landscape, inviting all to embark on a transformative journey towards timeless allure. Discover the radiance of SpaceLift—a symphony of elegance and innovation seamlessly woven into an exquisite skincare ritual.

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